Tattered Note

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Tattered Note

Tattered Note [58.0, 48.4] is a piece of parchment at the base of a cave in blocking the mouth of the Mysterious Den in the Red Stone Run, on the eastern side of the Timeless Isle.

Tattered Note

I have tried everything to remove this cave-in! Black Ox give me fortitude, I cannot move even a single rock. Perhaps if I were to borrow one of the great weapons of legend from the temple grounds...

This suggests to find one of the [Timeless Legends] on the isle, and use the provided bonus ability on the Cave-In. Should players somehow find themselves locked inside the mysterious den, there is a Rock-breaking Hammer on the inside that can be used to break the cave-in as well. Either method of breaking the cave-in will immediately summon Spelurk, a rare mistlurker.

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