Tauren Chieftain (Warcraft III)

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Tauren Chieftain


Race Tauren
Faction Orcish Horde
Hit points 725 (1425*)
Hit point regeneration Always
Hit point regeneration rate 1.50 (2.94*) HP/sec.
Mana 225 (390*)
Mana Regeneration rate 0.76 (1.35*) Mana/sec.
Gold 425 Gold
Lumber 100 Lumber
Food 5 Food
Produced at Altar of Storms
Build time 55 sec.
Hotkey T
Weapon(s) Warblade
Normal attack: 32 (60*)
Range Melee
Attack type Hero
Cooldown 1.85 (1.58*) sec.
Weapon type Normal
Armor Type Hero
Armor 2 (6*)
Movement Speed Average (270)
Sound Set HeroTaurenChieftain
Hero Parameters
Primary Attribute Strength
Strength Infocard-heroattributes-str.png 25 (+3.2/level)
Agility Infocard-heroattributes-agi.png 10 (+1.5/level)
Intelligence Infocard-heroattributes-int.png 15 (+1.3/level)
This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

These elder Tauren warriors lead their Tribes in daily life as well as in battle. Ceremoniously decked with the ancient totems of their Tribes, Chiefs uphold the honor and simplicity of Tauren culture. When roused by battle, the gigantic Chiefs employ enormous warblades which are capable of tearing through solid trees with one mighty swipe. The Chiefs are fascinated by the Orcs, especially their young leader, Thrall. The Chiefs see an opportunity to help the Orcs return to their traditional roots by providing a strong example of honor and courage through all Tauren warriors.


Level Attack (Ground/Air) Armor Strength Agility Intelligence Hit Points Mana
1 27-37 [32 avg]/None 2 25 10 15 725 225
2 30-40 [35 avg]/None 2 28 11 16 800 240
3 33-43 [38 avg]/None 3 31 13 17 875 255
4 36-46 [41 avg]/None 3 34 14 18 950 270
5 39-49 [44 avg]/None 4 37 16 20 1025 300
6 43-53 [48 avg]/None 4 41 17 21 1125 315
7 46-56 [51 avg]/None 5 44 19 22 1200 330
8 49-59 [54 avg]/None 5 47 20 24 1275 360
9 52-62 [57 avg]/None 6 50 22 25 1350 375
10 55-65 [60 avg]/None 6 53 23 26 1425 390

Hero names

Marn Thunderhoof (pre-release animation)

Marn Thunderhorn, Tygore Dusthoof, Tam Windtotem, Durn Harpyslayer, Kam Ghoststeer, Kel Stonebull, Mull Stormhoof, Grok Bloodhorn, Malar Plainstrider, Taur Runetotem.


The Tauren Chieftain (Marn) is useful for both War Stomp and Endurance Aura. Due to the Tauren Chieftain's large size many players have difficulty controlling him. They don't understand how to use him correctly and fail to use him to his full potential. The key is to either keep Marn away from the enemy, toward the rear of the battle, or to rush him straight into the middle of the enemy then use War Stomp. Whenever he becomes "stuck" use War Stomp to clear some room. Top players have excellent success with Marn.

War Stomp is a great ability. At its highest level War Stomp stuns for as long as 5 seconds and does 75 damage. This can allow your other units to pick off defenseless units before they can recover from the stun. Shockwave is also useful against lines of enemy units, including weak units such as ranged units and spellcasters. It takes some skills to use it effectively and to the maximum effect. The Endurance Aura is especially helpful to both Orcs and allied units. In large team games the Endurance Aura can have a noticeable effect. Reincarnation is also useful to bring the Tauren Chieftain back to life after he has died. This saves the cost of reviving him.

For point spending strategies players often pick War Stomp first followed by Endurance Aura. If you're a Shockwave fan you can try Shockwave and Endurance Aura. A more rare combination can also be used with Shock Wave and War Stomp although you're unlikely to have enough Mana for both.

The Tauren Chieftain's Endurance Aura can actually help Peons mine Gold more efficently, and harvest Lumber faster.

Spells and abilities


A wave of force that ripples out from the Hero, causing damage to land units in a line.
Cooldown Mana Cost Range Area of Effect Allowed Targets
8 sec. 100 70 Width: 12.5 Length: 80 Ground, Enemy
Level Effect Hero Level Req
1 75 damage 1
2 130 damage 3
3 200 damage 5

Shockwave has a damage cap of roughly 12 units affected. Note that this limit will not typically be reached except in team games.

Cast Shockwave on lines of workers mining Gold. Try to cast Shockwave on any troops that are lined up.

War Stomp

Slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy units.
Cooldown Mana Cost Allowed Targets
6 sec. 90 Ground, Enemy, Organic
Level Duration (Hero) Area of Effect Effect Hero Level Req
1 3 (2) sec. 25 25 damage, stun. 1
2 4 (3) sec. 30 50 damage, stun. 3
3 5 (4) sec. 35 75 damage, stun. 5

For the best results move into a pack of enemy units then use War Stomp to hit them all.

War Stomp can be used to reveal nearby Shadowmelded units.

Endurance Aura (Passive)

Increases the movement speed and attack rate of nearby friendly units.
Area of Effect
Level Effect Hero Level Req
1 Movement Speed +10%, Attack Rate +5% 1
2 Movement Speed +20%, Attack Rate +10% 3
3 Movement Speed +30%, Attack Rate +15% 5

The Endurance Aura is very helpful to the Orcs and especially helpful to allied units in large team games.

Reincarnation (Ultimate)

When killed, the Tauren Chieftain will come back to life. The Tauren Chieftain will return with full mana.
Duration Cooldown Effect Hero Level Req
7 sec. 240 sec. Hero comes back to life 6

Reincarnation can allow Marn to take a lot of damage and die on purpose because he can come back to life again. It can also of course allow him to come back to life when he dies by mistake. Reincarnation can save the cost of reviving the Hero. If the enemy has clearly won and is waiting for Marn to Resurrect they may kill him again very quickly. When you come back the second time and find yourself surrounded you may wish to use a Scroll of Teleport to get away since you cannot resurrect again.

You only receive experience from killing the Tauren Chieftain if he does not use his Reincarnation ability.


Patch changes

Patch 1.17 (09/20/2004)
  • Shockwave no longer damages a targeted friendly unit.
Patch 1.15 (05/11/2004)
  • Shockwave area of effect width reduced to 125 from 250.
Patch 1.13 (12/17/2003)
  • Shockwave now has a damage cap of roughly 12 units affected. Note that
this limit will not typically be reached except in team games.
  • WC3tFT-logo.png Patch 1.10 (2003-07-03):
    • Shockwave area of effect width reduced to 250 from 300.
    • Tauren Chieftain speed increased to 270 from 250.
    • The Tauren Chieftain now has a smaller collision size: 32 down from 48. This means that he takes up less space on the ground.

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