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Not to be confused with Tavara.
Image of Tavar
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 120
Class Rogue
Affiliation(s) Darnassus
Location Killed in Astranaar, Ashenvale
Status Deceased

Tavar was a young[1] night elf rogue[2] who participated in the War of the Thorns. He could take lives, and had, and was highly skilled at disguising himself as other races and working with the shadows. Delaryn Summermoon thought that Elune had blessed him with a gift, albeit a dark one.[2]

Shortly after Horde forces froze the Falfarren River in Ashenvale to allow them to cross, Tavar arrived and informed Commander Summermoon that Malfurion Stormrage was on his way. Delaryn asked what Tavar's skills were, and he demonstrated by stepping into some nearby shadows and disappearing. Delaryn was impressed and told Tavar to gather a team of the druids who had informed him of Malfurion's arrival, then come with her to buy time for the archdruid.[1]

Tavar eventually rounded up a group of druids as he had been told, though Delaryn's lover Ferryn was not among them. Tavar volunteered several vials of poison to Delaryn's plan of setting up an ambush in Astranaar by gathering night elf corpses and disguising them to appear as if they had been killed by Horde rogues. Delaryn thanked him for it and asked him to demonstrate his skill at disguises. He responded by making himself appear as a human male, and when she asked how good he was at impersonating Forsaken, he merely grinned. Over the course of hours, Horde infantry led by High Overlord Saurfang arrived in Astranaar while the night elves hid in the trees. At Delaryn's signal, Tavar disguised himself as a Forsaken, approached the inn in which Varok was standing, and told him to come outside by the orders of the warchief.[2] Varok was about to obey, but stopped when his soldier Morka asked the disguised elf's name. When Tavar refused to answer, Varok charged at the rogue. Tavar tried drawing his daggers and slicing at Varok's legs, but Saurfang caught him under the chin with his boot and then cleaved through his neck with his axe, instantly shedding Tavar's disguise. Upon seeing how young his opponent was, Saurfang told Tavar to rest easy and that he had died with honor. With his dying breath, Tavar spat on Saurfang's boots.[2][3]

His body was later among those gathered by the Horde to be raised as a Forsaken, but the ritual was interrupted by Tyrande, Malfurion, and an Alliance champion, forcing Nathanos to retreat.[citation needed] 

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