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Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll
Affiliation(s) Zandalari Empire
Former affiliation(s) Widow's Bite
Occupation Ambassador to the Horde
Former occupation(s) Lieutenant of the Widow's Bite
Status Alive
Companion(s) Apari (former master)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Tayo was the former lieutenant and bodyguard of Apari and the current Zandalari Empire ambassador to the Horde. She tall and has black hair.


Due to her family being sympathetic to Yazma's coup with Zul, they were exiled by Talanji and threatened with execution if they returned. She subsequently joined the Widow's Bite and served as a faithful friend and lieutenant to its leader Apari. Tayo personally attended the meeting between Apari and Nathanos Blightcaller and Sira Moonwarden, where the Widow's Bite agreed to aid them in their mission in killing the loa Bwonsamdi.

When Tayo noticed how Apari's leg injury was harming her, and could possibly lead to her death, she offered the service of a vulpera friend she had that could amputate the leg. However, Apari refused and began to become increasingly obsessed with vengeance against Talanji and Bwonsamdi. Though disheartened by her mistress's decision Tayo continued to loyal serve up until Apari sought to injure and sacrifice children in order weaken to the loa of graves. Outraged by this Tayo personally stopped Apari which caused the later to strike her across the face leaving her stunned. Apari then declared that she was on the precipice of death, sought to only live in order to see both Bwonsamdi and Talanji dead, and how no one would stop her. Disgusted by this declaration Tayo left, which Apari allowed due to her belief that she would come crawling back.

Acknowledging that Apari was no longer the leader she knew and admired, Tayo sought to give her old friend a merciful end. Thus she made the decision to aid the Horde forces within Nazmir against the Widow's Bite and the Banshee loyalists who were locked in combat with Bwonsamdi. Thrall noted that her aid proved instrumental in saving them from Blightcaller's traps and during the fighting itself she and Talanji killed Apari. Though Nathanos managed to escape the battlefield, the Horde was successful in preventing Bwonsamdi's death.

Due to her aid, Tayo was allowed to rejoin the Zandalari Empire. She then subsequently asked and was granted permission to serve as Talanji's ambassador to the Horde. Talanji sent her with the Horde leaving Zandalar to Orgrimmar.[1]