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Taz'dingo in the TCG.

Taz'dingo is a jungle troll hunter featured in DC Unlimited's World of Warcraft: Series 7 action figure set.

Taz'dingo also featured in the first series of the TCG:


  • Taz'dingo appears to be wearing the Deadly Gladiator's Pursuit and wielding  [High Warlord's Recurve].
  • The usage of the phrase "Taz'dingo" in Zandali appears to be as a victory chant or cheer. When troll players do the /cheer emote, their avatar shouts "Taz'dingo!"
  • In the alpha for Hearthstone, his TCG art was used by the Darkspear Hunter card. The card was eventually removed before the game's release.
  • "Taz'dingo" is the name of one of Zul'jin's Heroic Abilities in Heroes of the Storm. It makes him Unkillable for the next 4 seconds after activation.