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Team 1 is a designation for one of the internal development teams of Blizzard Entertainment, primarily concerned with box products. As of November 2018, it consists of between 100–300 individuals.[1]


Team 1's existence (in form, if not in name)[2] stems back to at least 1994. Indeed, before and during the development of World of Warcraft, Blizzard only had a single internal development team, which managed every videogame released, except the Diablo series. After the release of World of Warcraft, it was clear that Blizzard needed a dedicated team to update and expand the game, so they split the workforce and created Team 2 to continue the development of World of Warcraft, while Team 1 would take charge of the StarCraft II project. Blizzard thus started to identify their internal teams by a number.[2]

Today, Team 1 is in charge of Heroes of the Storm. Prior to that, the team had made "box products" for 15-20 years,[3] which involved a more traditional schedule: working on a title for a couple of years, and then releasing it, and perhaps producing an expansion another couple of years later.[3] Heroes of the Storm, however, is in a "constant state of evolution", and the team plans to maintain their schedule of content and adjustment releases every 4-6 weeks.[3]



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