Teegan Holloway

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HordeTeegan Holloway
Image of Teegan Holloway
Title <Lightslayer>
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Undead)
Level 14
Health 750
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Tower of Althalaxx, Darkshore

Teegan Holloway is the Forsaken commander of the Forsaken Looters searching the Tower of Althalaxx after the Horde destroyed it.


  • Dark Strike - Shadow damage
  • Shadow Charge - Increases speed and causes additional damage on the first attack.

Objective of

Mathas Wildwood asks players to kill him in the quest A [14] The Looting of Althalaxx.


  • Teegan Holloway says: Leave no stone unturned. I mean that literally, you heaps of decay! Tear this place apart if you have to.
  • Teegan Holloway says: I want to see every scrap of paper you wretches get your claws on.
  • Teegan Holloway says: I said, SEARCH the bodies BEFORE you eat them!


  • Teegan Holloway says: Your flesh is forfeit!


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