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NeutralTelemetry Online

120 (Requires 120)






23g 40s




B Hunter [120] Spark of Genius



Assist Mimiron in locating Hati's essence.

  • Mimiron assisted


When Titanstrike's power was expended in Silithus, Hati's essence managed to sever itself from the  [Thunderspark] just in time to avoid destruction.

The only problem is that his essence was then scattered across Azeroth, and we don't know where.

Now that we've locked onto his energy signature, we should be able to triangulate Hati's position!


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


Everything is possible with science!


Now that we've located Hati's essence, we can move to phase two of my glorious plan!


Assist Mimiron
The image begins walking to the console.
Image of Mimiron says: I'm engaging the triangulation protocol now. In a few moments we should know exactly where Hati's essence has run off to!
Grif Wildheart says: There won't be any 'incompatibilities' this time... right?
Image of Mimiron says: Of course not, Bronzebeard!
Having reached the console, the image gets to working on finding Hati's location.
Image of Mimiron says: Oh dear. I may have been premature in my assessment. Something is coming through!
Grif Wildheart says: Looks like it's up tae us, <name>. For the wilds!
A rift in the air appears, spawning two Frigid Proto-Whelps.
Image of Mimiron says: Proto-drakes... fascinating. Fascinating indeed!
Image of Mimiron says: Cross-referencing the data with my archives now. Let's see where this signal is coming from!
Grif Wildheart says: I got a feelin' we ain't out of the woods just yet, lass.
Another rift appears, with two Frigid Proto-Whelps and a Hyldnir Drakerider.
Grif Wildheart says: Well? Do ye know where Hati's run off to?!
Image of Mimiron says: According to my calculations, it's only locked onto a portion of Hati's essence. But indeed, Bronzebeard, we do!
Image of Mimiron says: The signal originates from the Temple of Storms not far from here. Seems it's time to pay a visit to our friend Thorim!
Image of Mimiron says: Just a moment! More data coming in through the triangulation protocol. Analyzing...
Two rifts this time, with two Swarming Barbspine and four Frenzied Drones.
Image of Mimiron says: Silithid? Most suspicious. Perhaps if I reference a different dataset... oh dear.
Grif Wildheart says: What is it?! Is Hati alright?
Image of Mimiron says: This is worse than I thought. I'm going to quarantine the signal. Hold on!
Hivelord Karixx spawns from the final rift. After the hivelord is dealt with, the image returns to its original position.
Image of Mimiron says: The remainder of Hati's essence is trapped in Silithus... dangerously close to the wound.


  1. B Hunter [120] Spark of Genius
  2. N Hunter [120] Telemetry Online
  3. N Hunter [120] The Huntsman's Creed
  4. N Hunter [120] Paid in Blood
  5. N Hunter [120] Spark of Imagination
  6. N Hunter [120] Bonds of Thunder
  7. N Hunter [120] Homeward Bound
  8. N Hunter [120] Reverberation

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