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Not to be confused with Teleportation Pad or Lightforged beacon.
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Teleport is a useful line of utility spells that allows the caster to transport themselves to another friendly location (with most spells transporting to a capital city).


  • Each mage Teleport spell is trained at a portal trainer, who is usually located near the mage trainers in a major city. In Shattrath, the neutral portal trainer, Iorioa, is located near the center of the city, in the eastern cove inside the Terrace of Light. In Darnassus, the portal trainer is located in the Temple of the Moon. In Patch 5.0.4, all portal trainers will train all available Teleport spells, regardless of location (for instance, you can obtain the teleport spells for Stormwind, Darnassus, Ironforge and the Exodar from the trainer in Stormwind, without having to travel to the other cities).
  • When Teleport first becomes available, mages will automatically learn their home capital teleport for free.
  • The druid [Teleport: Moonglade] spell is learned automatically at level 14.
  • This spell is not on the same cooldown timer as a  [Hearthstone].
  • When using mage teleport spells, the mage will appear in the capital city facing the portal trainer of that city. In Stormwind, for example, players appear inside the mage tower at the center of the Mage Quarter. This is the same location that is used by the mage Portal spells.
  • Mages cannot learn the teleport spells of the opposing faction.
  • Teleport cannot be cast in combat.


Mage spells
Destination Faction Level Cost
Teleport: Dalaran - Broken Isles Dalaran - Broken Isles Neutral 105 50g
Teleport: Dalaran - Northrend Dalaran - Northrend Neutral 71 Free[1] or 15g
Ancient Teleport: Dalaran Dalaran Crater Neutral 90 Free[2]
Teleport: Darnassus Darnassus Alliance 17 51s
Teleport: Exodar Exodar Alliance 17 51s
Teleport: Ironforge Ironforge Alliance 17 51s
Teleport: Orgrimmar Orgrimmar Horde 17 51s
Teleport: Shattrath Shattrath City Neutral 62 8g 10s
Teleport: Silvermoon Silvermoon City Horde 17 51s
Teleport: Stonard Stonard[3] Horde 52 2g 25s
Teleport: Stormwind Stormwind City Alliance 17 51s
Teleport: Theramore Theramore Isle[3] Alliance 17 51s
Teleport: Thunder Bluff Thunder Bluff Horde 17 51s
Teleport: Tol Barad Tol Barad Neutral 85 28g 20s
Teleport: Undercity Undercity Horde 17 51s
Teleport: Vale of Eternal Blossoms Shrine of Two Moons[4] Horde 90 42g 30s
Teleport: Vale of Eternal Blossoms Shrine of Seven Stars[4] Alliance 90 42g 30s
Teleport: Warspear Warspear[5] Horde 92 63g 50s
Teleport: Stormshield Stormshield[5] Alliance 92 63g 50s
Teleport: Dazar'alor Dazar'alor Horde 111 75g
Teleport: Boralus Boralus Alliance 111 75g
Non-mage spells
Destination Spell name Class Faction Level Cost Trainer Notes
Moonglade [Teleport: Moonglade] Druid Neutral 14 17s 28c Zen'Balai, Loganaar
Emerald Dreamway [Dreamwalk] Druid Neutral 14 17s 28c N Druid [98 - 110] To The Dreamgrove Despite being listed as level 14, the quest that teaches the spell is only available from level 98 onwards.
Demonic Circle [Demonic Circle] Warlock Neutral 78 10g 20s Warlock Trainers
<home location> [Astral Recall] Shaman Neutral 30 75s Shaman trainers 15 minute cooldown (7 min 30 sec when glyphed)
Does not share cooldowns with  [Hearthstone]
Ebon Hold [Death Gate] Death Knight Neutral 55 none N Death Knight [55] The Light of Dawn Requires 1 Unholy Rune.
Peak of Serenity [Zen Pilgrimage] Monk Neutral 20 none automatically learned When teleported to the Peak of Serenity using Zen Pilgrimage, the spell will turn into Zen Pilgrimage: Return. This allows you to return to the graveyard nearest your original departure point.
  1. ^ Mages learn the teleport after completing B Mage [73] Attunement to Dalaran
  2. ^ After defeating Flameweaver Koegler, mages can loot an  [Ancient Tome of Teleport: Dalaran] from an Ancient Tome on a bookshelf in the Athenaeum in the Scarlet Halls, which teaches this spell.
  3. ^ a b Added in Patch 2.4.2
  4. ^ a b Only available to players with the Mists of PandariaMists of Pandaria expansion installed.
  5. ^ a b Only available to players with the Warlords of DraenorWarlords of Draenor expansion installed.

Teleport items

There are several items from that can be purchased, crafted by profession, or obtained in various locations that can be used to teleport individuals around the world.

Profession items
Item/Skill Destination Level Profession Skill Level Restriction Cooldown
 [Scroll of Recall] <home location> 1 Inscription 25 Won't return to home location past level 40 20 minutes
 [Scroll of Recall II] <home location> 35 Inscription 200 Won't return to home location past level 70 20 minutes
 [Scroll of Recall III] <home location> 65 Inscription 350 20 minutes
 [Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan] Gadgetzan 35 Engineering 260 Requires Gnomish Engineer 4 hours
 [Dimensional Ripper - Everlook] Everlook 35 Engineering 260 Requires Goblin Engineer 4 hours
 [Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley's Station] Toshley's Station 50 Engineering 350 Requires Gnomish Engineer 4 hours
 [Dimensional Ripper - Area 52] Area 52 50 Engineering 350 Requires Goblin Engineer 4 hours
 [Wormhole Generator: Northrend] Northrend 80 Engineering 415 Requires Engineering 4 hours
 [Potion of Deepholm] Deepholm 81 Alchemy 1 Alchemy not required to use. 1 minute
 [The Innkeeper's Daughter] <home location> 1 Archaeology 1 Shared cooldown[1] 30 minutes
 [The Last Relic of Argus] <exactly where you want to go> 1 Archaeology 1 12 Hours
Item/skill Destination Faction Level Restriction Cooldown
 [Shroud of Cooperation] Stormwind Alliance 35 [A Class Act] 8 Hours
 [Shroud of Cooperation] Orgrimmar Horde 35 [A Class Act] 8 Hours
 [Wrap of Unity] Stormwind Alliance 35 [Guild Level 15] 4 Hours
 [Wrap of Unity] Orgrimmar Horde 35 [Guild Level 15] 4 Hours
 [Cloak of Coordination] Stormwind Alliance 35 [Master Crafter] 2 Hours
 [Cloak of Coordination] Orgrimmar Horde 35 [Master Crafter] 2 Hours
Kirin Tor rings
Item/Skill Destination Level Restriction Cooldown
 [Band of the Kirin Tor] Dalaran 80 30 minutes
 [Loop of the Kirin Tor] Dalaran 80 30 minutes
 [Ring of the Kirin Tor] Dalaran 80 30 minutes
 [Signet of the Kirin Tor] Dalaran 80 30 minutes
Other items
Item/Skill Destination Faction Level Restriction Cooldown
 [Hearthstone] <home location> Neutral 1 Shared cooldown[1] 30 minutes
 [The Schools of Arcane Magic - Mastery] Vargoth's Retreat Neutral 1 [Higher Learning]; only works in Dalaran none
 [Argent Crusader's Tabard] Argent Tournament Grounds Neutral 78[2] Alliance [Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance]
or Horde [Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde]
30 minutes
 [Boots of the Bay] Booty Bay Neutral 1 Item requires 200 fishing
Reward for winning Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza
1 day
 [Ruby Slippers] <home location> Neutral 70 Shared cooldown[1] 30 minutes
 [Blessed Medallion of Karabor] Black Temple Neutral 70 15 minutes
Frostwolf Insignia Rank 1-6 Frostwolf Keep Horde 51 Can only be used in Alterac Valley
Requires H [120] Proving Grounds completed
Ranks 1-4: 2 minutes
Rank 6: None
Stormpike Insignia Rank 1-6 Dun Baldar Alliance 51 Can only be used in Alterac Valley
Requires A [120] Proving Grounds completed
Ranks 1-4: 2 minutes
Rank 6: None
 [Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian] Karazhan Neutral 70 No longer obtainable
Only available for Druid, Mage, Priest, & Warlock
1 minute
 [Ethereal Portal] <home location> Neutral 1 Obtainable through the TCG
Shared cooldown[1]
30 minutes
  1. ^ a b c d The following items share a cooldown:  [Hearthstone],  [Ruby Slippers],  [The Innkeeper's Daughter],  [Ethereal Portal]
  2. ^ A level of 78 is required to obtain the quests necessary.

Non-player teleport

There are a few teleport spells in the game not available to players. Usually an NPC teleports a player to a different location

Spell Zone Purpose NPC/Object
Teleport to Azshara Tower Azshara Transports to Azshara Tower Sanath Lim-yo
Teleport from Azshara Tower Azshara Transports to Bear's Head Nyrill
Twin Colossals Teleport Feralas Transports to the southwestern of the Twin Colossals Marli Wishrunner
Teleport to Violet Stand Dalaran[1] Transports to Crystalsong Forest Teleport to Violet Stand Crystal
Teleport to Dalaran[1][2] Crystalsong Forest Transports to Dalaran Teleport to Dalaran Crystal
  1. ^ a b Only available to players with the Wrath of the Lich King Wrath of the Lich King expansion installed.
  2. ^ This teleport crystal cannot be used until the teleport crystal in Dalaran has been used at least once.

Patch history

  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): The WotLK-era Teleport: Dalaran and Portal: Dalaran spells had a suffix added to distinguish them from their Legion counterparts.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.3.0 (2013-05-21): Teleport: Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Portal: Vale of Eternal Blossoms now have new icons.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Reagent requirement removed.
  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.1.0 (2004-11-07): Now requires a reagent.

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