Tell 'Em Koko Sent You

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AllianceTell 'Em Koko Sent You

28 (Requires 26)




+75 Stormwind



Report to Force Commander Valen at the Northwatch Expedition Base Camp in Stonetalon Mountains.


Northwatch could really use a powerful <race> like you. We're taking a beating in the Southern Barrens and need your help! Are you interested in lending the Alliance a hand?

The bomb? Yea, it's a problem, but Stonetalon isn't exactly prime real estate. This place was a dump before the Horde sunk their claws into it!

I'll leave the choice in your hands. If you want to help us out in the Barrens, take my horse, Blue Steel. He's grazing at the crossroads south of here. He'll get you past the orc blockade.


Kosak sent you, eh? Surprising. I thought for sure that he'd be dead by now.

Well if you made it past the blockade then you definitely have something that we can use.

Now, do you have any news of the Horde? What are they doing? Where are they going? Tell me everything.


Northwatch Expedition Base Camp/Deep Reaches:

  1. A [28] Tell 'Em Koko Sent You
  2. A [28] The Deep Reaches
    1. A [28] They Put the Assass in... Never Mind
    2. A [28] Is This Thing On?
  3. A [28] Shuttin Her Down
  4. A [28] A Special Kind of Job
  5. A [29] Death by Proxy
  6. A [28] A Proper Peace Offerin'

Grimtotem Post/Camp Aparaje:

  1. A [29] Sating the Savage Beast
  2. A [29] Terms of Service
  3. A [28] Armaments for War
  4. A [29] Grundig Darkcloud, Chieftain of the Grimtotem
  5. A [30] Grimtotem Supremacy
  6. A [30] Downfall
  7. A [30] Dances with Grimtotem
  8. A [30] All's Clear (Southern Barrens, here we come!)


The horse, Blue Steel, is at [60, 70]. Head due south from Windshear Hold, then turn to the road leading southeast at the first crossroads. Blue Steel is at the next crossroads, the one with signs.

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