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Telluric Currents

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Telluric Currents
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  • Telluric Currents (2 ranks)
  • Restoration, Tier 5
  • Your attunement to natural energies causes your Lightning Bolt spell to restore mana equal to 20/40% of damage dealt.
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Telluric Currents is a shaman talent in the Restoration tree that restores mana when you deal damage with [Lightning Bolt]. Since the mana return is based on the damage done by the Lightning Bolt, the talent returns more mana as the shaman's spell power improves, making it much better at very high gear levels. At current endgame gear levels, the talent will return roughly twice the cost of Lightning Bolt.


The mana returned is based entirely on damage done, meaning that anything that increases damage - such as critical strikes - will result in increased mana gain. Similarly, anything that reduces damage taken by the target will reduce the amount of mana you gain, and if your spell misses you will gain no mana at all. Since Lightning Bolt still costs mana to use, this means that this spell can drain your mana if you're very unlucky or not careful about what you attack, although in most circumstances it will restore more mana than you expended.

The talent is generally considered to be optional for normal mode raiding, and mostly useless for five man healing. The potential mana gain is very valuable in heroic mode raids, however. The way the talent scales with spell power is also a contributing factor in this, as the talent is worth more the better your gear is.

Tips and tactics

  • Casting Lightning Bolt on targets who take additional damage will result in significantly increased mana return. Since the mana spent does not increase, a target that takes double damage will result in roughly three times the mana gained per cast. This can be especially useful against bosses who sometimes take increased damage, such as Magmaw's impale phase.
  • Avoid casting Lightning Bolt on targets that take reduced damage, as it will often cost you more mana than you gain. For example, Rhyolith takes greatly reduced damage for most of the fight.
  • Since mana gained scales with damage done, the talent will generally return considerably more mana in a raid, as you are likely to have numerous beneficial buffs and debuffs that increase its damage.
  • On a raid boss fight, try to attack adds rather than the boss if possible. They generally have a lower level, giving your Lightning Bolts a better chance to hit.

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