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Template:Death knight talents

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Death knight talents
Level Choices
56 Blood [Bloodworms] [Heartbreaker] [Blooddrinker]
Frost [Shattering Strikes] [Icy Talons] [Murderous Efficiency]
Unholy [All Will Serve] [Bursting Sores] [Ebon Fever]
57 Blood [Rapid Decomposition] [Soulgorge] [Spectral Deflection]
Frost [Freezing Fog] [Frozen Pulse] [Horn of Winter]
Unholy [Epidemic] [Pestilent Pustules] [Blighted Rune Weapon]
58 Blood [Ossuary] [Blood Tap] [Anti-Magic Barrier]
Frost [Icecap] [Hungering Rune Weapon] [Avalanche]
Unholy [Unholy Frenzy] [Castigator] [Clawing Shadows]
60 Blood [Mark of Blood] [Red Thirst] [Tombstone]
Frost [Abomination's Might] [Blinding Sleet] [Winter is Coming]
Unholy [Sludge Belcher] [Asphyxiate] [Debilitating Infestation]
75 Blood [Tightening Grasp] [Tremble Before Me] [March of the Damned]
Frost [Volatile Shielding] [Permafrost] [Inexorable Assault]
Unholy [Spell Eater] [Corpse Shield] [Lingering Apparition]
90 Blood [Will of the Necropolis] [Rune Tap] [Foul Bulwark]
Frost [Frostscythe] [Runic Attenuation] [Gathering Storm]
Unholy [Shadow Infusion] [Necrosis] [Infected Claws]
100 Blood [Bonestorm] [Blood Mirror] [Purgatory]
Frost [Obliteration] [Breath of Sindragosa] [Glacial Advance]
Unholy [Dark Arbiter] [Defile] [Soul Reaper]
Death knight talents Battle for Azeroth
Level Choices
56 Blood [Heartbreaker] [Blooddrinker] [Rune Strike]
Frost [Runic Attenuation] [Icy Talons] [Shattering Strikes]
Unholy [Infected Claws] [All Will Serve] [Clawing Shadows]
57 Blood [Rapid Decomposition] [Hemostasis] [Consumption]
Frost [Freezing Fog] [Murderous Efficiency] [Horn of Winter]
Unholy [Pestilent Pustules] [Harbinger of Doom] [Soul Reaper]
58 Blood [Will of the Necropolis] [Anti-Magic Barrier] [Rune Tap]
Frost [Icecap] [Avalanche] [Glacial Advance]
Unholy [Bursting Sores] [Ebon Fever] [Unholy Blight]
60 Blood [Tightening Grasp] [Grip of the Dead] [Wraith Walk]
Frost [Abomination's Might] [Winter is Coming] [Blinding Sleet]
Unholy [Grip of the Dead] [Death's Reach] [Asphyxiate]
75 Blood [Foul Bulwark] [Ossuary] [Tombstone]
Frost [Permafrost] [Wraith Walk] [Inexorable Assault]
Unholy [Spell Eater] [Death Pact]
90 Blood [Voracious] [Bloodworms] [Mark of Blood]
Frost [Gathering Storm] [Frozen Pulse] [Frostscythe]
Unholy [Pestilence] [Defile] [Epidemic]
100 Blood [Purgatory] [Red Thirst] [Bonestorm]
Frost [Hungering Rune Weapon] [Obliteration] [Breath of Sindragosa]
Unholy N [80] Army of the Damned [Unholy Frenzy] [Summon Gargoyle]