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Missing user name.

   {{Fanfic user idea | user=user name | idea=idea name or anchor=anchor name | show=optional name to show for idea | noperiod=optionally have no end period (.) }}
   [[User:user/idea|idea or show]] by [[User:user|user]].
   [[User:user#anchor|anchor or show]] by [[User:user|user]].

{{Fanfic user idea|user=Charred But Alive|idea=Gnoll Rumor}}
{{Fanfic user idea|user=Coolperson|idea=My expansion/race ideas|show=Race ideas}}
{{Fanfic user idea|user=Gigawolf1|anchor=Murlocs}}
{{Fanfic user idea|user=Gigawolf1|anchor=Murlocs|show=Murlocs idea}}
Example output:
Gnoll Rumor by Charred But Alive.
Race ideas by Coolperson1.
Murlocs by Gigawolf1.
Murlocs idea by Gigawolf1.