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World of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard Entertainment

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Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X


Expansion pack

{{Infobox game
 | name =
 | wow-expansion =
 | image =
 | caption =
 | developer =
 | publisher =
 | date =
 | version = 
 | preview = 
 | beta = 
 | alpha = 
 | platforms =
 | genre =
 | retail = 

Valid Field Entries:

  • Name: Game name; omit for World of Warcraft expansions, and use the next parameter instead.
  • wow-expansion: Expansion name, e.g. "The Burning Crusade"
  • Image: Game logo or box art.
  • Caption: Caption for image; omit for WoW expansions.
  • Developer: Developers
  • Publisher: Publishers
  • Date: Date of release
  • Version: Current version number - link to details
  • Preview: Current PTR version number, as displayed on Test realm - specifically for the current expansion (place 1 to activate it)
  • Beta: Used to display the current build of the expansion during the Beta stage. Remove once the PTR begins.
  • Alpha: Used to display the current build of the expansion during the Alpha stage. Remove once Beta begins.
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc
  • Genre: Game genre or Expansion pack
  • Retail: The official link for the retail box (place 1 to activate it)
  • Retail2: Used the same way as above, but specifically for the World of Warcraft article.