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You may want to use {{NPC}} for interactive (buy, sell, talk, etc.) creatures.
title and display_name are optional.
Additional Note
optional level= should have a number or range of numbers (add + for elite).
optional ah= use value (-1, -.5, 0, or 1) for general A H, U, N, or A H.
optional a= use value (-1, -.5, 0, or 1) for Alliance A, A, A, or A.
optional h= use value (-1, -.5, 0, or 1) for Horde H, H, H, or H.
optional icon= should use icons from Wowpedia:List of race icons without leading Image:.
{{Mob|Onyxia (tactics)|LALALA|Onyxia|boss=}}
{{Mob|Bog Overlord|level=70+}}
{{Mob|Talbuk Thorngrazer|level=65-66|ah=0|icon=Stag}}
{{Mob|Talbuk Sire|level=68-69|ah=-1|icon=Stag}}
{{Mob|Wrenix's Gizmotronic Apparatus|level=20 |ah=1|icon=HarvestGolem}}
{{Mob|Elemental Slave|level=33-34 |a=1|h=0|icon=Earth}}
{{Mob|Armored Wyvern Destroyer|level=70 |a=-1|h=1|icon=Wyvern}}
{{Mob|Timbermaw Warder|level=53-54|ah=-.5|icon=Furbolg}}
{{Mob|Timbermaw Warder|level=53-54|a=-.5|h=-1|icon=Furbolg}}
{{Mob|Timbermaw Warder|level=53-54|a=-1|h=-.5|icon=Furbolg}}
Boss Onyxia <LALALA>
Mob [70+] Bog Overlord
Mob [63+]  Dreadknight
N Mob [65-66]  Talbuk Thorngrazer
A H Mob [68-69]  Talbuk Sire
A H Mob [20]  Wrenix's Gizmotronic Apparatus
A H Mob [56]  Arei
A H Mob [33-34]  Elemental Slave
A H Mob [70]  Armored Wyvern Destroyer
U Mob [53-54]  Timbermaw Warder
A H Mob [53-54]  Timbermaw Warder
A H Mob [53-54]  Timbermaw Warder