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Level 70 Blood Elf Paladin
<Unleashed Chaos>
Inv helmet 78.png
Image of Ioladin
Inv gauntlets 60.png
Inv jewelry necklace 29naxxramas.png Inv belt 28.png
Inv shoulder 65.png Inv pants plate 23.png
Inv misc cape 06.png Inv boots chain 08.png
Inv chest chain 15.png Inv misc bag 28 halloween.png
Inv shirt purple 01.png Inv jewelry ring 54.png
Inv shirt guildtabard 01.png Inv misc bandage 16.png
Inv bracer 02.png Inv misc book 07.png
Inv hammer 26.png Inv shield 31.png
Strength: 500
Agility: 500
Stamina: 500
Intellect: 500
Spirit: 500
Armor: >9000
Resistance Arcane.png Resistance Fire.png Resistance Nature.png Resistance Frost.png Resistance Shadow.png
50 50 50 50 50

Use the paper doll to show a summary of your character's gear.

|name = Ioladin
|image = Testpally.jpg
|level = 70
|race = Blood Elf
|class = Paladin
|guild = Unleashed Chaos
|head = Crystalforge Greathelm
|neck = Lord Sanguinar's Claim
|shoulder = Glimmering Steel Mantle
|back = Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted
|chest = Crystalforge Chestpiece
|shirt = Lavender Mageweave Shirt
|tabard = Guild Tabard
|wrist = Vambraces of the Naaru
|mainhand = Shard of the Virtuous
|offhand = Merciless Gladiator's Redoubt
|hands = Lightbringer Gloves
|belt = Girdle of Lordaeron's Fallen
|legs = Crystalforge Leggings
|feet = Boots of Courage Unending
|ring1 = Witches Band
|ring2 = Band of Eternity (Restorer, Revered)
|trinket1 = Ribbon of Sacrifice
|trinket2 = Tome of Fiery Redemption
|stats = Yes
|stamina = 500
|agility = 500
|strength = 500
|intellect = 500
|spirit = 500
|armor = >9000
|res = Yes
|ar-res = 50
|fi-res = 50
|na-res = 50
|fr-res = 50
|sh-res = 50
The name of your character.
In-game image of your character.
The level of your character.
The race of your character.
The class of your character.
The guild that your character is in.
Stats of your characters. To show your character's stats (stamina, agility, strength, intellect, spirit, armor) type the argument "Yes".
The resistances of your character. To show your character's resistances (ar-res for Arcane, fi-res for Fire, na-res for Nature, fr-res for Frost, sh-res for Shadow) type the argument "Yes". (Note: racial resistances are added by default)

To add items, use <slot> followed by the corresponding item name.

Valid slot names
head hands
neck belt
shoulder legs
back feet
chest ring1
shirt ring2
tabard trinket1
wrist trinket2
mainhand offhand