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  • Name: - Linkable name of the instance.
  • Type:
    • group - Instance portal blue.png Group; non-The Burning Crusade, non-Wrath of the Lich King 5-man instances
    • pvp - Instance portal red.png PvP battlegrounds
    • raid - Instance portal green.png Raid; non-The Burning Crusade, non-Wrath of the Lich King 10+ man raid instances
    • transit - Instance portal white.png Transportation instances
    • bc/wrath/wotlk/cata/mop/wod/legion - Instance portal purple.png The Burning Crusade - Legion instances
    • heroic - UI-Skull-16x16.pngInstance portal purple.png Heroic mode The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King instances
    • default - Instance portal unknown.png unknown type
  • Label: - For changing the link name, if needed.
  • {{portal|Blackrock Depths|group}}
  • {{portal|Warsong Gulch|pvp}}
  • {{portal|Molten Core|raid}}
  • {{portal|Deeprun Tram|transit}}
  • {{portal|Hellfire Ramparts|bc}}
  • {{portal|Nexus|wotlk|The Nexus}}
  • {{portal|Nexus|heroic}}