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This is the template for the race icons of each creature.

These icons may be hidden by a gadget in Special:Preferences.



  • <RaceName>: The name of the race (by default: Unknown).
  • <SubType>: Gender, age or other variations (by default: empty).
  • <Size>: Size of the icon (by default: Small).


Different races

  • {{RaceIcon|Human|Male}}: IconSmall Human Male.gif
  • {{RaceIcon|Orc|Male}}: IconSmall Orc Male.gif
  • {{RaceIcon|DragonRed}}: IconSmall DragonRed.gif

Different subtypes

  • {{RaceIcon|Human|Male}}: IconSmall Human Male.gif
  • {{RaceIcon|Human|Female}}: IconSmall Human Female.gif
  • {{RaceIcon|Human|Boy}}: IconSmall Human Boy.gif
  • {{RaceIcon|Human|Girl}: IconSmall Human Girl.gif

Different sizes

  • {{RaceIcon|Human|Male}}: IconSmall Human Male.gif
  • {{RaceIcon|Human|Male|Large}}: IconLarge Human Male.gif

See Wowpedia:List of race icons for a full list.