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Creates a link to online repositories of current and past versions of FrameXML, such as Townlong-Yak.

This template assumes the repository can accept both patch names (such as 8.0.1) and hidden version/hotfix numbers (such as 392901) in a standardized url format to illustrate the differences from one version to the next. This template also assumes the repository can default to live or PTR code when the patch and version are omitted.


Paremeters may be named as below, or left unnamed as 1=, 2= and 3=.

file / 1=
(Required) Filename or path from the root of a typical FrameXML archive
patch= / 2=
(Optional) Human-readable patch of the game, used to point to prior versions of the game and highlight when code was introduced or removed
version= / 3=
(Optional) Numeric version of the game, used by some online repositories to track subversions and hotfixes more precisely
line= / 4=
(Optional) Specific line number within a given patch or version (ignored if neither patch nor version are defined
date= / 5=
(Optional) Date when the framexml was originally published by Blizzard Entertainment
(Optional, available as a named parameter only) Constructs the link to show changes from the previous version


Unnamed parameters

{{Ref FrameXML|ActionButton.lua}}

ActionButton.lua, archived at Townlong-Yak

{{Ref FrameXML|ActionButton.lua|8.0.1|   |100|2018-10-16}}

2018-10-16, ActionButton.lua, patch 8.0.1, near line 100, archived at Townlong-Yak

{{Ref FrameXML|MyFolder/MyFile.me|1.0.0|12345|1|2000-01-01}}

2000-01-01, MyFile.me, version, near line 1, archived at Townlong-Yak

Named parameters

{{Ref FrameXML|file=ActionButton.lua}}

ActionButton.lua, archived at Townlong-Yak

{{Ref FrameXML|file=ActionButton.lua|patch=8.0.1|diff=|line=643}}

ActionButton.lua, patch 8.0.1, near line 643, archived at Townlong-Yak

{{Ref FrameXML|file=Blizzard_ArenaUI/Blizzard_ArenaUI.lua|patch=7.2.5|version=24330|line=100}}

Blizzard_ArenaUI.lua, version, near line 100, archived at Townlong-Yak

Invalid usage

{{Ref FrameXML}}

No frameXML filename or path specified. Please edit this article and add it here.

{{Ref FrameXML|InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua| | |1}}

No patch or version specified. Please edit this article and add it here.InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua, archived at Townlong-Yak