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Template order


Parameter Notes

  • name - The unit's/building's name
  • image - If only one image of the unit/building is avaliable, use this to have it centred in the box
  • imagep - The unit's/building's portrait image
  • imagem - The unit's/building's model image
  • race - The unit's/building's faction (Human/Orc/Neutral)
  • hp - The unit's/building's hit points
  • armor - The unit's armor points
  • attack - The unit's attack damage
  • range - The unit's range
  • speed - The unit's speed
  • decayrate - The summoned unit's time it takes to decay
  • gold - The unit's/building's gold cost
  • lumber - The unit's/building's lumber cost
  • summoned - The summoned unit's summoner
  • produced - The building in which the unit is produced at
  • required - The building/s which is/are required in order to be able to train the unit or to build the building
  • buildtime - The unit's/building's time it takes to build
  • unlocked - The campaign level in which the unit/building is unlocked


|speed=8<br>9 (1 upgrade)<br>10 (all upgrades)
|produced=[[Barracks (WC1 Human)|Barracks]]
|required=[[Stables (WC1 Human)|Stables]] and [[Blacksmith (WC1 Human)|Blacksmith]]
|unlocked=[[The Forest of Elwynn (WC1 Human)|The Forest of Elwynn]]

WC1PKnight.gif     WC1Knight.gif

Race Human
Hit Points 90
Armor 5
Attack Damage 1-13
Range N/A
Speed 8
9 (1 upgrade)
10 (all upgrades)
Decay Rate N/A
Production Related
Gold 850 Gold
Lumber 0 Lumber
Produced at Barracks
Requires Stables and Blacksmith
Build time 800
Unlocked in The Forest of Elwynn