Temple Priestess

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NeutralTemple Priestess
Image of Temple Priestess
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 100 - 110
Class Priestess
Health 16,385
Mana 346,016 - 533,107
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Temple of Elune, Val'sharah
Status Alive

Temple Priestesses are night elves located in the Temple of Elune of Val'sharah. Some of them are tending to the Druids of the Moon.


Demon hunter
  • Temple Priestess says: I hope you can retain control of your... abilities... in this sacred place, "Demon Hunter." We will be watching you.
Blades of the Fallen Prince
  • Temple Priestess says: Those blades you carry... they are cursed. Please, do not bring the chill of death to this sacred place!
 [Scythe of Elune]
  • Temple Priestess says: The Scythe of Elune! The end must be near if we need the power of THAT weapon to save us.
  • Temple Priestess says: That demonic blade you carry - it reeks of corruption, Death Knight. Finish your business here and take that blade far away from this sacred temple.
 [Maw of the Damned]
  • Temple Priestess says: Please, Death Knight. Do not defile this sacred place with that wicked axe you wield. I can feel its hunger from here.
Fangs of the Devourer
  • Temple Priestess says: Rogue, are those - demon fangs? Are you using demon teeth as a weapon? That's disgusting!

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