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Central Deepholm


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The Temple of Earth
Temple of Earth concept art
Minimap view

The Temple of Earth is a temple in the center and lower shelf of Deepholm. It was here, in the Stonecore, that the Twilight's Hammer brought Deathwing back to full health and forged him new armor. A titan-made stone called the World Pillar was kept inside. This item bore the weight of all the elemental and magnetic forces in Deepholm. When Deathwing became fully healed, it was he who destroyed the pillar, causing the Shattering. Now, the Earthen Ring work in desperation to recover the fragments of the pillar and restore the temple. All of Deepholm would collapse into Azeroth if the World Pillar is not put back together.


Temple of Earth has a main sanctuary chamber and two auxiliary faction chambers, in addition to small alcoves for a portal to Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

Main Chamber

All NPCs in this sanctuary chamber are members of the Earthen Ring.

Aqua Caverns

This cavern is primarily for Horde players. This chamber is not a sanctuary and players can attack members of the Alliance here.

Amber Caverns

This cavern is primarily for Alliance players. This chamber is not a sanctuary and players can attack members of the Horde here.


There are 3 major factions in Temple of Earth. These are:

  • Neutral Earthen Ring (Based in the Temple of Earth, neutral controlling faction.)
  • Horde Horde (Based in the aqua caverns. NPCs won't attack members of the Alliance.)
  • Alliance Alliance (Based in the amber caverns. NPCs won't attack members of the Horde.)

Getting to Temple of Earth

Alliance players can speak with Naraat the Earthspeaker in northeast Stormwind, and Horde players to Farseer Krogar in northern Orgrimmar, and accept the quest N [82] The Maelstrom. Both NPCs will open portals to the Maelstrom where players can speak to Thrall to gain entry into Deepholm.

Travel connections

Once players gain entry into Deepholm they can travel back and forth between their faction portal and Temple of Earth.


  • Stormwind - located south of the Amber caverns.
  • Orgrimmar - located south of the Aqua caverns.


  • After the World Pillar is restored and Therazane asks the Earthen Ring to leave, the temple is clear of all people, except for the Reliquary and Explorers' League groups. Caretaker Nuunwa also remains as an innkeeper for the quick traveling hearthstone. It's unknown why, but Hargoth Dimblaze also stays around roaming the inside of the temple


Patches and hotfixes

  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2010-12-17): Players can now ride their mounts within the temple.
  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2010-12-13): "Quest NPCs in the Temple of Earth should now appear during the final zone phases to guarantee players can still turn in quests regardless of progress."
  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2010-12-07): "Mobs that spawn infinitely during the Temple of Earth finale within Deepholm do not grant experience."