Temple of Five Dawns

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NeutralTemple of Five Dawns
Level: 100 - 110
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The Temple of Five Dawns
PvP status

The Temple of Five Dawns is a large temple found at the center of the Wandering Isle. After Huo is returned to the temple, Master Shang Xi sends his best students off to find the other spirits of the isle.

Class Hall

Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Following the destruction of the Peak of Serenity at the hands of the Burning Legion, Pandaria's monks move to the Wandering Isle and the Temple of Five Dawns becomes the Class Hall for the monk class. While the entire island is available to visit, the class hall is in a different phase than the pandaren starting experience.


Mists of Pandaria


The following list includes NPCs from the whole area, not just the Temple.

Unnamed units & animals


  • The inside of the temple also acts as an inn.
  • After N [5] The Singing Pools and exiting towards the east two young pandaren children, Cai and Deng, appear and starting chatting with the adventurer.


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Level 98

  1. N Monk [98] Before the Storm
  2. N Monk [98] The Dawning Light
  3. N Monk [98] Prepare To Strike
  4. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  5. N Monk [98] Purity of Form
  6. N Monk [98] A Matter of Planning
  7. N Monk [98] The Fight Begins

Level 101

Level 103

  1. Complete all of:
  2. N Monk [103] The Hand of Keletress
  3. N Monk [103] Rebuilding the Order
  4. Optional quests:
  5. Complete all of:

Level 110

  1. N Monk [110] The Iron Fist
  2. N Monk [110] The Master of Swords
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N Monk [110] Brick By Brick
  5. Complete all of:
  6. N Monk [110] The Mead Master
  7. N Monk [110] Stolen Knowledge
  8. Complete all of:
  9. N Monk [110] Impending Danger
  10. N Monk [110] Storm Brew
  11. N Monk [110] A Hero's Weapon


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