Terokk's Fall

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NeutralTerokk's Fall
Terokk and his followers discover the Eye of Anzu

97 (Requires 96)




28g 40s


N [96] A Worthy Vessel


Use the Effigy of Terokk to re-live Terokk's fall. Find Lithic, rally 5 Outcast Talon Guards, slay 20 Crazed Outcasts, and use the Eye of Anzu.


<Once again, Reshad's voice envelops you.> Terokk was a powerful and respected king, beloved by his people. His sages, however, were not so loyal. Hungry for control of Skyreach, they conspired against him.


You will receive: 28g 40s


Since that day, the sages have remained in power in Skyreach, now calling themselves the Adherents of Rukhmar and claiming to be the heralds of Her will.

On complete:

Reshad says: As the years passed, the Talon King's health declined. Grief hung in his heart, while the cursed chewed relentlessly at his mind.
Reshad says: He began to hate this world, abandoning Skettis - even sacrificing his own people in search of a cure.
Reshad says: Hoping to rejuvenate their fading king, the Talonpriests sealed Terokk away in the shadows.
Reshad says: And that brings us to today! With the relics and the Talonpriests in place, we are aready to call upon the Talon King.



Interact with the Effigy of Terokk:

<A crude arakkoa effigy adorned with the relics of the old king Terokk.>
Gossip Touch the bangle to witness Terokk's fall.
The Talon King's own sages betrayed him. Terokk and his allies were cast into the pools.
The accursed blood seared his flesh and tore at his mind.
As he withered, Terokk had but one concern: his daughter Lithic.

Head south. Lithic is found dead on the ground.

Seeing her broken body, Terokk despaired. He surrendered to the creeping darkness.
Terokk collapses to the ground as the screen fades to black.
But in that darkness, something found him.
A strange power filled the Talon King. A presence urged him on.
On the other side of the fade, Terokk has shifted from a winged arakkoa to a cursed arakkoa model.

The player now has access to two abilities:

  1. Darktalon Strike — Projects a wave of shadow, dealing damage to enemies in a line. 0.5 sec cast (0.5 sec cooldown)
  2. Talon King's Command — Rally an Outcast Talon Guard within 10yds to fight alongside Terokk. Instant (0.5 sec cooldown)

Start killing Crazed Outcasts and rallying Talon Guards.

After killing 20 crazed outcasts:

Wretches driven mad by the curse thrashed about the pools in agony. But Terokk set them free.

After gathering five guards:

The strongest of his guards clung to sanity. And when the Talon King called, they answered.

Head south to find the Eye of Anzu on a stand at the edge of a pool near a tree. Interact with it and the screen fades to black again.

A strange orb peeked out from the wastes. Gazing into it, Terokk met the being that had saved him.
The Raven God Anzu gifted Terokk and his guards with dark powers. In time, they would be known as Talonpriests.
Together they would build Skettis, and protect the unwanted children of Rukhmar.


  1. N [96] The Kaliri Whisperer
  2. N [97] Rites of the Talonpriests
  3. N [97] The Talon King
  4. N [97] The Missing Piece
  5. N [97] Terokk's Fall
  6. N [96] A Worthy Vessel
  7. N [97] The Avatar of Terokk

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