Teron's Gold Coin

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  • Teron's Gold Coin
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Throw this coin back into the Dalaran fountain.
  • 1 Charge
  • "Wishes are a fool's pastime. Take this coin as payment for your precious Eye."
  • Sell Price: 1s 25c


This item is fished from the fountain in the Eventide district of Dalaran.


Required for  There's Gold In That There Fountain.

Upon use, you gain the buff Lucky:

Inv misc herb goldclover.png
  • Lucky
  • Increased chance to fish up coins in the Dalaran fountain.
  • Duration: 2 min.


Teron Gorefiend is one of the original orc death knights created during the Second War from the resurrected members of the Shadow Council. The 'eye' mentioned on the coin is the Eye of Dalaran, which Teron stole during the war with the help of Deathwing.

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