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Test Case #1; Mech vs. Mekkatorque

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HordeTest Case #1; Mech vs. Mekkatorque

120 (Requires 120)




2g 34s


H [120] Insurance Policy


Ride the G.M.O.D with Gallywix to face Mekkatorque.


Alright, we got PLENTY of Azerite in this baby to blow up Mekkatorque and his airship.

That radioactive freak is gonna pay for sendin' his toys to attack one of MY, er, OUR bases!

Hop in, <name>. We got a gnome to blow up.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,800 XP


This ain't over until the fat goblin sings, and buddy, I ain't singing!


Trade Prince Gallywix says: Huh, feels weird actually doin' somethin' for someone else. Is this what you do all the time?
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Gotta say, I'm not a fan. Think I'll leave this sorta thing to you in the future.
Trade Prince Gallywix says: There's Mekkatorque's ship. King of the gnomes, or whatever those little freaks like to call him.
Trade Prince Gallywix says: You know what I'm gonna do when I find this guy? First, I'm gonna blow up that little mech suit of his.
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Then, I'm gonna find MORE of his little machines and blow them up too!
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Seriously, this guy is really obsessed with machines. Makes me think he wants to be part robot or somethin'!
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, blowing up all his stuff. Yeah, I bet he'd be cryin' and sobbin' the entire time, what a wimp!
Trade Prince Gallywix says: And then, I'm gonna sell all those junk parts of his at BELOW MARKET RATE. The ultimate goblin insult!
High Tinker Mekkatorque says: Wow, Gallywix, that would really show me! Any more clever ideas?
Trade Prince Gallywix says: GAH! <name>, hit the big red button, BLOW THIS MOOK TO SMITHEREENS!
Using the button
Mekkatorque begins casting Vaporize Cannon.
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Out of Azerite?! Why didn't this stupid thing warn me it was out!
Trade Prince Gallywix says: No no nonononono!
G.M.O.D falls.

At Vigil Hill, G.M.O.D has 10%.


  1. H [120] A Mech for a Goblin
  2. H [120] It Belongs in My Mech! & H [120] Avoiding Lawsuits 101
  3. H [120] The Right Mech for the Job
  4. H [120] Necessary Precautions
  5. H [120] Test Case #1; Mech vs. Mekkatorque
  6. H [120] Insurance Policy
  7. H [120] Insurance Renewal, H [120] Killing on the Side & H [120] Mekkatorque's Battle Plans
  8. H [120] Mech versus Airship
  9. H [120] A Goblin's Definition of Success

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