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HordeTest of Lore

30 (Requires 25)


190-1850 XP


H [30] Test of Lore


H [30] Test of Lore

Test of Lore is a Horde quest in Stonetalon Mountains in which player characters are sent to Ashenvale to retrieve an ancient and valuable book. This is the fifth quest in the Test of Faith quest chain, which is a chain of quest involving "testing" some part of the player character's being. The first quest is H [26] Test of Faith, which begins in The Weathered Nook in Thousand Needles, from Dorn Plainstalker.

To Get This Quest

After completing H [30] Test of Lore, talk to Braug Dimspirit again near the entrance to the Talondeep Path in Stonetalon Mountains.


Find the  [Legacy of the Aspects] and return it to Braug Dimspirit near the entrance to Talondeep Path in Stonetalon Mountains.

You will need:


You have passed Dorn's tests, and now you seek to pass your next trial. Very good. But up until now, your challenges have been childish. It is easy to test your body—your mind is another matter completely.

I shall explain it simply: find the book I name, study it, and answer my question about its contents.

What book, you must be asking? The Legacy of the Aspects. It can be found at the bottom of Dor'danil in southern Ashenvale, protected by the dead druids and their slayers.


Bring me the book after you've studied it. I will not ask you your question until after you have given me the book.


This is the book I named. There is hope you will answer my question correctly then... unless you've forgotten to study its contents.

When you are prepared, speak to me again and I shall ask a question of you.

Q: Which of the Aspects created by the Titans became the nefarious creature known as deathwing? A: Neltharion


To get the book, head through the Talondeep Path to Ashenvale. The Dor'Danil Barrow Den, where the book is located, is in southern Ashenvale, at coordinates (76,75) - almost directly south of Splintertree Post. The entrance shows up as a little house on the map.

Once you are inside the Dor'Danil Barrow Den, follow the path until you get to the first large room. You should see one path leading down, one bridge going straight, and another bridge going right. Take the path that leads down, and then go left into the next tunnel.

Follow this until you reach the next large room, where you should see a central platform with a bridge leading straight and another walkway that goes to the lower level. The book is on a small rock podium on the central platform.

Right click the book to loot  [Legacy of the Aspects]. NOTE: Be sure to read the book before you turn in the quest! Answering the question incorrectly gets you teleported to Camp Taurajo in The Barrens, not a fun detour. You can return and try again, but it's best to just read it first. If you forget, the text can be found at the  [Legacy of the Aspects] item page.

When you are ready, return to Braug Dimspirit near the entrance to Talondeep Path in Stonetalon Mountains to turn in the quest.


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