Thal'darah Grove

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Thal'darah Grove

Thal'darah Grove is a Druid training ground located at the heart of Battlescar Valley in the Stonetalon Mountains. This ancient tree has been a place of peace and learning for generations and has been used by both the night elves and tauren.

Overlord Krom'gar believes this to be a location of a weapon of mass destruction that would be used against the Horde when they get the chance. It plays a key role in a quest chain involving a bomb. The quest ends when the bomb is dropped on Thal'darah Grove ultimately destroying it. Before the destruction, some druids were rescued by the Alliance.


  • Unlike other phasing content which is mostly hidden, this phasing content happens in real-time. You will see the bomb dropping on Thal'darah Grove and its subsequent destruction.

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