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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
Image of Tharon'ja
Gender Male
Race Loa (Skeletal wind serpent)
Status Active

Tharon'ja is the skeletal wind serpent (possibly a second wind serpent) Loa of the Drakkari Empire's pantheon, who was driven to the spirit world after being defeated in Drak'Tharon Keep. First by his Prophet, who claimed the power of his physical manifestation[1] and then adventurers.

Zur'chaka the Bonecrafter appears to have summoned Tharon'ja's spirit in order to communicate with him at the Za'Tual boneyard, between Za'Tual and the Ihgaluk Crag on the southeastern coast of the Isle of Thunder.


  • Tharon'ja was never seen in his actual loa form in Zul'Drak, Gundrak or Drak'tharon Keep, the latter of which is where you fought his prophet. However, his spirit was for the first time seen at the Isle of Thunder.[2]
  • Tharon'ja's prophet referred to himself in third-person, as if the name was not belonging to him originally.[3]
  • Quetz'lun and Tharon'ja may have been related, or shared worship within the Drakkari empire in some form or another, as both are wind serpents. At the death of Quetz'lun's physical manifestation, it was turned into a skeletal wind serpent just as Tharon'ja's.
  • If Tharon'ja ever had a physical manifestation, it would most likely have shared the same model as Quetz'lun.
  • The four main Amani loas share their name with their prophets as well.

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