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The Absent-Minded Prospector

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For the pre-Cataclysm version, see A [20] The Absent Minded Prospector.

AllianceThe Absent-Minded Prospector

18 (Requires 16)





Escort the confused Prospector Remtravel to his missing journal. Talk to Jr. Archaeologist Ferd at the dig site when you're done.


Who are you again? <Name>? Have we met? If you're here from the League, you can tell them I'm not leaving! Not without my find. I had it, right in my hands! Then the screaming. Then the wetness.

Listen here whos-yer-name, I documented the whole thing in my journal the day the tidal wave hit. And I know just where I left it! The journal. Not the find. Help me get the one so we can get the other! Or vice-versa! Do you follow? Follow me!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv gauntlets 15.png [Woolgathering Gloves] Inv pants 07.png [Oblivious Leggings]
Inv jewelry ring 82.png [Bahrum's Bad Mood Ring]

You will also receive: 10s


Prospector Remtravel is an unsung hero! Like any great explorer, he is prone to wandering aimlessly.


Ah, you've helped the Prospector find his missing journal! To think it was here all along.

Someday you'll have to show me this other set of ruins he's always going on about.



Prospector Remtravel says: Superb! Gather your strength, whats-your-face. We've got a long way to travel.
Prospector Remtravel says: Ready? Let's move!
Prospector Remtravel says: The ruins you see here are identical to the ones I dug up a few months ago, but they're flooded! Curious, eh?
(if Remtravel is attacked:)
Prospector Remtravel says: Oh my! What's this? Help!
Prospector Remtravel says: Help me! This <mob> won't get off of me!
Prospector Remtravel says: Ah, we're almost there, whos-yer-face! The camp where I left my notes is just around the corner.
Prospector Remtravel says: By the three hammers, will you look at that! More ruins!
Prospector Remtravel says: These ruins I've found are IDENTICAL to the ones I just left! It's the find of a lifetime!
Archaeologist Groff says: You big duffer, these ARE the same ruins. You're wandering in circles again.
Prospector Remtravel says: Nonsense. See? Here's my journal, right here.
Prospector Remtravel says: What do you make of this, Ferd?


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