The Activation Rune

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NeutralThe Activation Rune
Start The Etymidian
End The Etymidian
Level 78 (Requires 77)
Category Un'Goro Crater
Experience 21,600
Rewards Choose:
 [Spaulders of the Runeseeker]
 [Legguards of Guided Travel]
 [Seeing-Eye Belt]
 [Pathfinding Treads]
6g 80s
Previous The Etymidian
Next N [78] Back Through the Waygate

The Activation Rune is a quest in the Waygate quest chain. It takes place in Un'Goro Crater.


Obtain the Omega Rune inside the Shaper's Terrace and bring it to The Etymidian.


This colossal being appears to be inactive. You notice an empty rune-shaped slot on its chest.

Perhaps you might be able to find the missing rune inside the nearby overlook.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shoulder 72.png [Spaulders of the Runeseeker] Inv pants leather 19.png [Legguards of Guided Travel]
Inv belt 23.png [Seeing-Eye Belt] Inv boots plate 06.png [Pathfinding Treads]

You will also receive: 6g 80s


<The rune-shaped slot on The Etymidian's chest appears to glow with faint power.>


<You hear the rumbling sound of stone grinding as The Etymidian's limbs come to life.>

I am needed somewhere?



The rune drops from High Cultist Herenn; he is at [48.2, 2.9] inside the Shaper's Terrace, north of the Etymidian.


  1. N [78] Force of Nature (optional)
  2. N [77] An Issue of Trust
  3. N [77] Returned Sevenfold
  4. N [77] The Fallen Pillar
    N [77] Salvaging Life's Strength
  5. N [78] Cultist Incursion
  6. Complete both quests to continue:
    N [77] Exterminate the Intruders
    N [77] Weapons of Destruction
  7. N [77] The Lifewarden's Wrath
  8. N [77] Freya's Pact
  9. N [77] Powering the Waygate - The Makers' Perch
  10. N [77] Powering the Waygate - The Makers' Overlook
    N [78] A Timeworn Coffer
  11. N [78] The Etymidian
  12. N [78] The Activation Rune (classified as Un'Goro Crater)
  13. N [78] Back Through the Waygate
  14. N [78] Reclamation

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