The Arcanist's Cookbook

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The Arcanist's Cookbook.

The Arcanist's Cookbook is a quest-starting item that leads to the mage version of the  [Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas]. The trinket is considered to be the least useful of the Dire Maul class trinkets. A physical copy of the book can also be found during the Deaths of Chromie in the Well of Eternity.


The Arcanist's Cookbook drops from all bosses in Dire Maul, and can be found inside of Dusty Tomes in Dire Maul.

As a quest objective


  • This book's name is similar to The Anarchist Cookbook, a book written to protest the United States' involvement in the Vietnam war also an amateur how-to on manufacturing explosives and drugs during the counterculture movement.[1]

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