The Arena of Annihilation

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NeutralThe Arena of Annihilation

90 (Requires 90)


Kun-Lai Summit


236,000 XP


19g 84s 50c


Enter and complete the Arena of Annihilation scenario. Afterwards, collect your reward from Wodin the Troll-Servant.

Complete "The Arena of Annihilation"


Ah, I can still remember running fights out of a muddy hole in the ground back in Nagrand. We've come a long way, eh, Wodin?

I tell you, there's nothing more these Tiger monks like than a good scrap. So much so that they've paid good coin for me to set up shop here and help draw the strongest fighters from all around!

So how about it? You and a couple friends up for a few rounds in the Arena of Annihilation...? Big money, big prizes!


Gurgthock said you he'd make it worth your while, kid. Take your pick!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv mace 1h pandung c 01.png [Maki's Mashing Mace] Inv staff 2h pandung c 03.png [Scar-Shell's Scintillating Staff]
Inv sword 2h pandung c 01.png [Satay's Stabbing Sword] Inv axe 1h pandung c 01.png [Chagan's Cheery Chopper]
Inv staff 2h pandung c 01.png [Liuyang's Lovely Longstaff] Inv mace 1h pandung c 02.png [Jol'Grum's Frozen Mace]
Inv bow 2h crossbow pandariaquest b 01.png [Cloudbender Kobo's Chilled Crossbow] Inv knife 1h pandariaquest b 02.png [Liuyang's Light-Lit Longshank]


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c

Upon completion of this quest you will also gain:

  • 236,000 XP

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