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The Art of World of Warcraft

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Not to be confused with The Art of Warcraft.
For the Insight Editions publication, see The Art of World of Warcraft (2015).
The Art of World of Warcraft
Art of World of Warcraft.jpg

Blizzard Entertainment
H. Leigh Davis, David B. Bartley





Publication date

NA: December 31, 2005
EU: December 21, 2005



Retail price

US: $24.99
UK: £16.99





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The Art of World of Warcraft, also The Art of World of Warcraft Coffee Table Book,[1] artbook was originally distributed in the World of Warcraft Collector's Edition. Currently, The Art of World of Warcraft is available as a reprint in its original hardcover form with ISBN 0744007259. (The artbook that was distributed with the World of Warcraft Collectors Edition does not have an ISBN.)

Unlike The Art of Warcraft artbook, The Art of World of Warcraft contains no commentary.


The World of Warcraft is more than just a game, it's a work of art – and you can enjoy these unique creations outside of the game with The Art of World of Warcraft. This beautiful hardbound book contains sketches, concepts, and final colored art for the following:

  • All eight races — Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, and Undead
  • Monsters — from the Ancients to Magnataurs to Yeti
  • Environments — landscapes and flora, from the magnificent beauty of Emerald Paradise to the bleak wasteland of Desolace
  • Structures & Weapons — buildings, transports, arms, and armor
  • Cinematics — from storyboard to finished art
  • Promotional — full-page artwork, special drawings from Korea, and the Blizzard 2003 Christmas Card

Pages of the book

  • An orc warrior captioned Veteran Warrior. He is missing half of one his arms, pg. 7.
  • An orc male captioned Ol' Scarface. He has obvious scars on his face, pg. 7.
  • An orc male captioned Holy Man, pg. 11.
  • An orc female captioned Lady Tracker. She is holding a spear, pg. 12.
  • A human thief captioned Defias Thief, pg. 20.
  • A human farmer captioned Westfall Farmer., pg. 21.
  • A human knight captioned Weathered Knight. He has arrows sticking out of his armor but is still ready to fight, pg. 21.
  • Two images depicting a human female captioned Hostess. She is holding a fan, pg. 21.
  • A dwarven female paladin captioned Lady Paladin, pg. 28.
  • A piece of artwork, captioned Undersea Hills, pg. 29.
  • Two images depicting a dwarf captioned Dwarven Merchant. He is holding a club and a lantern, pg. 29.
  • A dwarven female captioned Young Gryphon Rider. She is holding a Stormhammer, pg. 29.
  • An undead captioned Groovy Goulie. He seems to be dancing, pg. 32.
  • An undead male is called Forsaken Lord, pg. 32.
  • A centaur captioned Centaur Champion, pg. 29.
  • A green dragon captioned Emerald Dragon, pg 53.
  • An unknown race captioned Blade Warrior, pg 65.
  • A half-orc female captioned Warrior Woman, pg. 65.
  • An unknown male creature captioned Dragonman, pg. 68.
  • A silithid, captioned Silithid Beatle[sic], pg. 71.
  • A worm captioned Tunnel Worm, pg. 76.
  • Three images depicting bog beasts, captioned Swampthing and Swamp Thing, pg. 78-79.
  • An undead, captioned Scourge Executioner, pg. 85.
  • A darkhound, captioned Darhound[sic], pg. 87.
  • An unknown male creature, captioned Jackal Man, pg. 89.
  • Two images depicting unknown creatures, captioned Magma Beast and Magma Beasts, pg. 89.
  • An ogre male, captioned Ogre Warlord, pg. 90.
  • Two images depicting an unknown creature, captioned Were Wolves, pg. 91.



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