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The Art of World of Warcraft: Legion

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The Art of World of Warcraft: Legion
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The Art of World of Warcraft: Legion is the artbook of Legion, obtained only through the Collector's Edition.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - The Burning Legion Returns, page 8
Chapter 2 - Wielding the Enemy's Power
  1. The Demon Hunter, page 32
Chapter 3 - Heart of the Storm
  1. The Broken Isles, page 44
  2. Azsuna, page 46
  3. Suramar, page 54
  4. Val'sharah, page 66
  5. Highmountain, page 74
  6. Stormheim, page 81
  7. The Broken Shore, page 90
  8. Dungeons & Raids, page 96
Chapter 4 - In Defense of Azeroth
  1. Arms and Armor, page 106
Chapter 5 - Hunters and the Hunted
  1. Denizens of the Broken Isles, page 136
Extras, page 168
Credits, page 172