The Arts of a Monk (troll)

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HordeThe Arts of a Monk
Start Zabrax
End Zabrax
Level 3 (Requires 1)
Category Echo Isles
Experience 190
Reputation +150 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 40c
Previous H [3] Proving Pit
Next H [3] More Than Expected


Speak to Zabrax to train Tiger Palm. Practice using Tiger Palm against a Tiki Target.


As ya get bettah' at fightin', you'll start to find new tings that ya nevah knew you could do.

Wanna see? Go, train up some, and learn someting new.

'Den come back and ya can show me.


You will receive: 40c


Good work, mon! Dis stuff come easy to ya.


  1. H [2] The Rise of the Darkspear
  2. Class quest:
  3. H [3] A Rough Start
  4. H [3] Proving Pit
  5. H [3] More Than Expected
  6. H [3] Moraya
  7. H [3] A Troll's Truest Companion
    Side quest: H [3] Crab Fishin'
  8. H [3] Saving the Young & H [3] Mercy for the Lost & H [3] Consort of the Sea Witch
  9. H [3] Young and Vicious
  10. H [4] Breaking the Line
  11. H [4] No More Mercy & H [4] Territorial Fetish
  12. H [5] An Ancient Enemy
  13. H [5] Sen'jin Village

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