The Avatar of Terokk

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NeutralThe Avatar of Terokk

97 (Requires 96)




Item level 592 rings
28g 40s


N [96] A Worthy Vessel



Speak with the Shade of Terokk to accept his power. Slay 25 Shattered Hand combatants, 4 Shattered Pit-Masters, and confront Kargath Bladfist.


My long sleep was disturbed by dreams of the past. I cut down my old enemies again. I watched my daughter die again. You were there. I felt your presence in these dreams. And your past was revealed to me as well. Someone has woven our fates together. My people are yours to protect, and your enemies are mine to destroy. The Shattered Hand are rallied in Bladefist Hold. Left to their own, they would claim this land for the Iron Horde. Take my power, and together we shall break them.


You will receive one of:

Item level 592 rings
Inv ringwod d3 3.png [Talon Guard Bloodsworn Signet] Inv ringwod 2d.png [Talon Guard Bloodsworn Loop]
Inv ringwod d3 1.png [Talon Guard Bloodsworn Ring] Inv ringwod d3 2.png [Talon Guard Bloodsworn Seal]
Inv ringwod 3c.png [Talon Guard Bloodsworn Band]

You will also receive: 28g 40s


The Shattered Hand is in shambles and the Avatar of Terokk now walks among us.

When I promised you power back in Skettis, did you expect that it would come without any strings attached? Ha!

On turn-in

Shade of Terokk says: That orc... Kargath. Even at my full strength, he would prove a challenge.
Shade of Terokk says: My children, it will take more than a fading memory from the past to overcome the challenges you face today.
Shade of Terokk says: You must strike your own path. Lay the past to rest and raise new champions.
Shade of Terokk says: You have one already.
Shade of Terokk says: Hero, I can never again grant you my full power. Kargath severed that bond.
Shade of Terokk says: But so long as you tread in Arak, some piece of me will remain with you.
Shade of Terokk says: I will lend my power as often as I can.



Interact with the Effigy of Terokk yet again:

Gossip Accept Terokk's power.

Controlling Terokk, the player winds up in Bladefist Hold at the northwest corner of Spires of Arak:

Kargath Bladefist yells: What's this? An arakkoa challenger in my arena?!
Kargath Bladefist yells: Tired of being hunted? Or just here for revenge?
Kargath Bladefist yells: Go ahead, little bird. Do your worst!

Terokk has one ability:

Talon Strike — Pierces enemies in a line in front of Terokk, dealing high damage. 0.5 sec cast (0.5 sec cooldown)

Defeat all of the peons and Kargath will jump down:

Kargath Bladefist yells: What?! Who are you?!
Terokk yells: I am the Talon King! I have come from beyond death to stem the iron tide!
Kargath Bladefist yells: Enough! This ends NOW!

Get Kargath to 70% or so:

Kargath Bladefist says: Well I'm Kargath Bladefist, and when I kill something, IT STAYS DEAD.
Terokk says: Hngh! Im...possible...
Terokk says: My power... has... failed you... <name>.
Terokk's power fades and the player is exposed in the arena.
Kargath Bladefist says: Hmph. So it's you in there.
Kargath Bladefist says: Khadgar isn't here to protect you this time.
The player turns into the Effigy of Terokk.
Kargath Bladefist says: What?! GGRAAAHHH!!!!
Shadow-Sage Iskar says: Are you alright? That was a close call.
Shadow-Sage Iskar says: We barely got you out in time.

Turn in to Reshad.

This concludes the "Terokk's Legend" chapter of [Between Arak and a Hard Place]. Anzu offers the next quest if players haven't already done it, N [96] Cult of the Ravenspeakers.


  1. N [96] The Kaliri Whisperer
  2. N [97] Rites of the Talonpriests
  3. N [97] The Talon King
  4. N [97] The Missing Piece
  5. N [97] Terokk's Fall
  6. N [96] A Worthy Vessel
  7. N [97] The Avatar of Terokk

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