The Ballad of Maximillian

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NeutralThe Ballad of Maximillian

55 (Requires 52)





Help Maximillian of Northshire kill the Devilsaur Queen. If you become separated from Maximillian, meet him at Golakka Hot Springs in Un'Goro Crater.


The time we have waited for is upon us, Squire <name>. Un'Goro's brood mother will perish at my hands. The gravity of our task weighs heavily on me, but with the power of the Light behind us, we are guaranteed to succeed.

Are you ready to depart?


We should attempt the slaying one more time, I think.


The day is saved! Huzzah! Today we learned that while armor can be replaced, valor has no price.

Because of your key involvement in this task, I hereby graduate you from squire to fledgling knight. No longer do the chains of servitude bind you to me: you are free to serve other masters.

Go with honor, young hero! For chivalry, the Light, and the beauty of Doloria!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Spell frost windwalkon.png [Toy Windmill] Inv shield 04.png [Maximillian's Shield]
Inv sword 46.png [Sword of Northshire]

You will also receive: 3g 33s


This quest takes place while riding on the back of Maximillian's steed, Pimento. Pimento has two abilities: Stomp, which is an aoe stun, and Throw Rock, which lets you throw a  [Small Rock] at the Devilsaur Queen.

We sally forth in search of the dragons' despicable broodmother. Follow me, squire!

You jump on Pimento's back with Maximillian, and ride off together.

You should try using my stallion's stomp ability. Her powerful hooves will cleave the ground itself, stunning any nearby dragons.
What luck! Pimento's hooves have kicked up some stones that we may use against the mighty dragons. Oh glorious day!
Perhaps you should try hurling them at the nearby dragons to practice your throwing arm.
I see the dragon up ahead. She is larger than I had first anticipated.

Pimento stops at the Devilsaur Queen's feet.

Dragon! Hear me out! I am Maximillian of Northshire, and I have come to deliver you. Your blood shall fill...

The Devilsaur Queen charges.

Great Uther's ghost, it's chasing us! Squire, do something! Throw rocks at it! I have no plan!


  1. N [55] An Important Lesson
  2. N [54] The Evil Dragons of Un'Goro Crater
  3. N [54] Damsels Were Made to be Saved
  4. N [55] The Spirits of Golakka Hot Springs
  5. N [55] The Ballad of Maximillian

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