The Battle for the West (Alliance)

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AllianceThe Battle for the West
Start Exarch Yrel
End Exarch Maladaar
Level 100 (Requires 90)
Category Tanaan Jungle
Experience 11,300
Reputation +350 Hand of the Prophet
Rewards [Oil] x25
11g 60s
Next B [100] Commander in the Field!


Go to the Iron Front and speak with Exarch Maladaar.

  • Talk to Thann to fly to the Iron Front
  • Speak with Maladaar


Our base is barely built and already the Iron Horde sets up defenses against us. Still the plan worked and we fight on two fronts.

I have received word that Exarch Maladaar has finally breached the western gates as well, but is bogged down in a pitched battle. You should go see the situation for yourself.


Now you see what we face here. We will keep as much pressure here as we can so your base can remain free to attack all over the jungle.


You will also receive: 11g 60s


On accept
Exarch Yrel says: Seek out Maladaar in the west. I fear he may have encountered the brunt of Gul'dan's forces.
Speak with Exarch Maladaar

Our losses were almost more than I could bear... but we made it through. To this!

Gossip What's the situation?

Our siege began the moment you took the boats. It looked like it would be a long battle until a large part of their forces departed suddenly, most likely when you attacked from the east.
Then we hit them with everything. Thaelin brought in a massive powered ram and the gates fell quickly. Then we ran into this new foe... the fel orcs. They press us sorely and we can make no headway. I hope you are having better luck in the east.

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