The Beast

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BossThe Beast
Image of The Beast
Race Core hound (Beast)
Level 60 Elite
Health 76,300
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Furnace, Upper Blackrock Spire
Status Killable
Relative(s) Beauty (mate), Buster, Lucky, Runty, Spot, Son of the Beast (pups)
Pet family Core hound
The Beast

The Beast is a boss found at The Furnace in Upper Blackrock Spire. It appears to be a Core hound that has been captured by the forces of Nefarian for use in his breeding experiments. (Experiments on other core hounds could account for the creation of Chromaggus, a core hound-like dragonkin who is the second-to-last boss found in Blackwing Lair.)

At some point before he is encountered by a party, the Beast had swallowed Finkle Einhorn, a gnomish adventurer who has survived in the Beast's stomach for a few months. Skinning The Beast will free Finkle.

Dungeon Journal

Nefarian's dragonkin take obscene delight in the barbaric torture of Ragnaros's captured minions. Despite suffering unimaginable agony, one core hound remained lucid enough to be retrained, and his ferocity makes him an ideal guard in the upper levels of Blackrock Spire.


  • Ability warrior charge.png  Berserker Charge — The Beast charges a random player, inflicting Physical damage and knocking them back.
  • Spell fire immolation.png  Immolate Magic Effect — The Beast burns a random player, inflicting Fire damage instantly and additional Fire damage every 3 seconds for 15 sec.
  • Spell fire fireball.png  Fire Blast — The Beast blasts his current target with fire, instantly inflicting Fire damage.
  • Ability devour.png  Terrifying Roar — The Beast roars, causing all players within 0 yards to flee in fear for 5 sec.
  • Spell holy excorcism 02.png  Flamebreak — The Beast emits flames, inflicting Fire damage to all players within 0 yards and knocking them back.
  • Spell fire flamebolt.png  Fireball — The Beast inflicts Fire damage to his current target.


Essentially, a tank will need to keep aggro on The Beast at all times as he hits extremely hard and can kill a cloth wearer in 2 or 3 hits. The rest of the raid will want to DPS him. As long as the Main Tank can keep aggro (best to say the Main Tanks, since it is unlikely that aggro can be consistently held, due to The Beast's oft-cast fears and random charges) and you have sufficient healing, this fight should be a simple one. He may drop  [Finkle's Skinner], which increases skinning by 10, so anyone in the group with a skinning skill of 300 should roll on this if they don't have it already, otherwise it can be greeded. It is vital to have a player in the raid who can skin The Beast, as they can receive the  [Pristine Hide of the Beast] and also reveal Finkle Einhorn, who is the start of a quest chain.

The Beast is shown to know 7 moves: Terrifying Roar, Flamebreak, Fire Blast, Summon Player, Fireball, Berserk Charge and Immolate.


Prior to Patch 4.0.3a, The Beast was very well known to Beast Mastery hunters, as it was the only pet in the game that retained the 'Level ?? (Boss)' tag even after taming. As this was changed by Blizzard, The Beast was most likely never intended to actually keep the boss tags in this way. Arguably in compensation for this change, Blizzard allowed many classic, level 60 bosses (such as Chromaggus and Buru the Gorger) to be tamed by Beast Mastery hunters.


  • 870 - 1,180 Damage
  • 3,714 Armor


Inv misc ticket tarot beasts 01.png [Ace of Beasts] Inv bracer 07.png [Blackmist Armguards]
Inv pants 06.png [Blademaster Leggings] Inv misc cape 05.png [Bloodmoon Cloak]
Inv sword 33.png [Finkle's Skinner] Inv misc cape 18.png [Frostweaver Cape]
Inv boots cloth 05.png [Ironweave Boots] Inv hammer 17.png [Seeping Willow]
Inv pants 06.png [Spiritshroud Leggings] Inv pants 04.png [Tristam Legguards]
Inv misc monsterscales 15.png [Pristine Hide of the Beast]


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