The Bite

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The Bite.
The Bite concept art.

The Bite is a jagged reef that stretches above the shore of Gilneas. It was the Bite that protected the peninsula from invaders from the sea. A light house was built among the cliffs to help their allies through it. There is no incentive to go here at any time.

The subzone is not displayed anymore in the Ruins of Gilneas.


  • Players could originally enter this subzone at anytime and be tagged as being in Gilneas rather than the Ruins of Gilneas.
    • Before being fixed at some point, it was the only remaining subzone in the Ruins of Gilneas, following patch 4.2.0, that caused the General Chat channel to swap to that of Gilneas (Greymane Manor claims that players have zoned into Gilneas, but does not actually change the General chat channel).