The Black Bishop

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MobThe Black Bishop
Image of The Black Bishop
Gender Male
Race Human (humanoid)
Level 84
Class Priest
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Twilight's Hammer
Former affiliation(s) Church of the Holy Light[1]
Occupation Bishop
Location Cathedral of Light, Stormwind City
Status Deceased

The Black Bishop is a level 84 human affiliated with the Twilight's Hammer. He plays a role in the Twilight Highlands story beginning. He is insane to the point of when he speaks, he talks as if he is playing chess, calling the player a pawn.

Objective of


  • Air Shield — Channels dark elemental energies into a nearby shield wall comprised of impenetrable winds. Instant. Cast in front of the explosives, blocking access.
  • Mind Blast 30 yd range — Inflicts Shadow damage to an enemy 1.5 sec cast. Hits for 3000-3300 Shadow
  • Penance 30 yd range — Launches a volley of holy light at the target, causing 362 to 421 Holy damage to an enemy every 1.0 sec for 3 sec Channeled.
  • Power Word: Shield — Wraps an ally in a shield that lasts up to 30 sec., absorbing damage. While the shield holds, spell channeling will not be affected by damage taken. Absorbs 575 damage.
  • Diagonal Slide — Caster instantly teleports to another location as a shadowy bolt, disorienting nearby foes.

Players with ranged damage abilities can stand at the base of the steps and largely ignore the Diagonal Slide, which moves the bishop from corner to corner randomly. Melee players will have to move around to keep up with him. He doesn't hit all that hard, so work through his health and quickly interact with the bomb pile, then leave the catacombs, as he is on a short respawn timer.


  • The game is afoot! But you are a mere pawn, whereas I am ... THE BLACK BISHOP!
First Diagonal Slide
  • The Bishop moves diagonally!
Bishop threatens pawn...
  • The game isn't over yet...
Killing a player
  • Checkmate.
Pawn ... takes ... bishop ...
The Black Bishop's shields dissipate as the wretched traitor breathes his last.

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