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The Blank Scroll (item)

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For the short story, see The Blank Scroll.
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

The Blank Scroll was a scroll created by The Lorewalkers long ago and hidden within a lorevault in the cliffs of northern Pandaria. In contrast to the stories told by Lorewalker Cho, where the characters are images conjured up, the Blank Scroll has the ability to make any story become true.[1]

Garrosh's world

When Druz, Ziya, and Lorewalker Shuchun located the Blank Scroll, Druz decided to bring it back to Trade Prince Gallywix. In order to keep him from making this horrible mistake, Shuchun began telling a story of what would happen should he do so, causing the Blank Scroll to alter reality and reflect her narration.

Gallywix decided that the scroll was far too dangerous and kept it within his vault, but rumors spread throughout the land and Garrosh Hellscream attacked the goblins of Bilgewater Harbor to obtain it. In a duel between Gallywix and Garrosh, Druz fired his gun but hit the wrong target, killing the Trade Prince and bringing the scroll into Garrosh's hands.

With the Blank Scroll's powers, Garrosh destroyed the Exodar and Teldrassil and made his orcs unable to die. Many of the other races of the Horde fled to the Eastern Kingdoms and united with the Alliance in a final stand against Garrosh, but fell before the power of the Blank Scroll.

The Burning Legion gained control over the Dark Portal and an evil rose from Azeroth's oceans. In the end, the world was destroyed and all life vanquished.

As the last words in her story, Shuchun narrated that none of what Druz and Ziya saw ever happened, and the Blank Scroll returned Azeroth to the way it should be. The goblins, having witnessed its terrifying power first-hand, decided that such a powerful object should be left in the hands of the Lorewalkers.