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The Bridgeport Ride

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HordeThe Bridgeport Ride

120 (Requires 120)




H [120] Death Trap



Mount the Stolen Horse, then use it to round up 10 Bridgeport Guards and Captain Stone. Then escort them to the southwest corner of town.

Getting knocked off of your horse could prove fatal, and will fail the mission.


Pay attention, <name>, because this isn't going to be our standard assassination mission.

You and I are going to take this horse through Bridgeport and... cause a scene. I want every single guard on our tail, along with that Captain Stone character. Once we've rounded them up, it's over to those explosives, and...

<Lilian's eyes grow wide with delight.>



You will receive:


I trust you and Lilian are being productive.


I heard the blast from up here. I think I may have even gotten a piece of guard on my cloak.


On the horse
Lilian Voss says: Head into town and round up as many guards as you can!
Lilian hops on the horse and stars throwing torches.
Lilian Voss yells: Kul Tirans! Your deal with the Alliance will be your death sentence!
Lilian Voss yells: The Horde will tear you apart!
Lilian Voss yells: Come and get us, cowards!
Lilian Voss says: Keep moving! Gather up all the town's guards... and their leader!

Ride past the enemies to make them follow you. Once you have 10 guards and Captain Stone following you, ride towards the explosives.

Upon reaching the explosives
A cut-scene plays
Past the explosives, Lilain throws her torch at the explosives, blowing up the riders and their horses into the air.
Lilian Voss yells: For the Horde!
On completion
Nathanos Blightcaller says: Good work, <name>. Now, where is Lilian?
Lilian Voss says: Right here, Blightcaller. I have retrieved the body.
Lilian is dragging a Forsaken Coffin.
Nathanos Blightcaller says: Mostly intact?
Lilian Voss says: Intact enough.
Nathanos Blightcaller says: Load it into the wagon, then. You are proving more useful than I had anticipated, Miss Voss.
Nathanos Blightcaller says: Hello, Captain Stone. I so look forward to meeting you.
Lilian throws the coffin on a wagon and joins Nathanos.


  1. H [120] Breaking Kul Tiran Will
  2. H [120] Into the Heart of Tiragarde
  3. H [120] Our Mountain Now
  4. H [120] Making Ourselves at Home & H [120] Bridgeport Investigation
  5. H [120] Explosives in the Foundry
  6. H [120] Explosivity
  7. H [120] Ammunition Acquisition & H [120] Gunpowder Research & H [120] A Bit of Chaos
  8. H [120] Death Trap
  9. H [120] The Bridgeport Ride

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