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The Burden of Proof

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AllianceThe Burden of Proof

110 - 120 (Requires 110)




A [110 - 120] A Pungent Solution, A [110 - 120] Once Bitten, Twice Shy, A [110 - 120] Harmful If Swallowed



Administer the tests to prove Lucy Waycrest's innocence in Hangman's Point.


I think we have everything we need to conduct three of the villagers' tests. Let us hope this is enough to convince them.

I'm sure Constable Framer is chomping at the bit to proceed with his trial, and I would prefer it if you were the one to administer the tests. I may not know you well, but I trust you farther than the constable.

Speak with him when you're ready to begin.

...and do me a favor. Make this quick.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc questionmark.png Wickerwoven Gloves Inv misc questionmark.png Banisher Gloves
Inv misc questionmark.png Crone-Seeker's Gloves Inv misc questionmark.png Waycrest Militia Gauntlets
Inv misc questionmark.png Ravenfeather Drape

You will also receive:

  • 1g 98s
  • 1,650 XP


That... didn't turn out as expected.

It appears that my absolution may truly be in your hands.


On accept:

Constable Henry Framer says: Are you quite finished? I'm becoming impatient!

Speak with him:

This stalling will not help you. We will find out the truth behind Miss Waycrest soon enough!

Gossip We're ready to begin the trial.

Constable Henry Framer says: Finally! The trial can commence!
Constable Henry Framer says: As is customary, the lady Waycrest has chosen the tests she will undergo to prove her innocence of the accused crime of witchcraft.
Constable Henry Framer says: She has selected this mainlander to administer the tests. An unusual choice... but as a show of good faith, I will allow it.
Constable Henry Framer says: The first test will be the shedding of tears. Let it be known that Miss Waycrest shed not one tear during this entire process.
Constable Henry Framer says: Is the accused even capable of weeping? Show us, that we may pass our judgment.
Lucille Waycrest says: Go ahead, mainlander. Show them.

Interact with her to cut some onions.

Fletcher's Hollow Villager says: She's crying! Witches can't do that, can they?
Constable Henry Framer says: Calm down, calm down. There may still be trickery afoot. We will continue with the trial.
Constable Henry Framer says: The second test will be the stinging of insects. It is well known that even the voracious bloodfly will not taste of a witch's vile blood.
Constable Henry Framer says: Release the flies, then watch as they scatter from her bewitched flesh!
Lucille Waycrest says: Don't worry about me. I can handle a few bug bites.

Interact with her to release the bloodflies:

Lucille Waycrest says: Ouch! Oof! Oh, that stings!
Fletcher's Hollow Villager says: The bugs don't seem to be avoiding her. If anything, they're biting more than usual!
Constable Henry Framer says: Interesting, but hardly conclusive. Let us move on to the final test... the purging of the viscera.
Constable Henry Framer says: It is well known that a witch's power is not fueled by food, but by consuming the souls of her victims. Her insides are an empty husk.
Constable Henry Framer says: Are you prepared to prove otherwise, Miss Waycrest?
Lucille Waycrest says: Indeed I shall. The venom, mainlander.

Interact with her a third time to administer the venom:

Lucille Waycrest says: Ohh... I don't feel so...
Lucille Waycrest falls to her knees and empties her stomach.
Fletcher's Hollow Villager says: She got sick! It's impossible!
Fletcher's Hollow Villager says: Maybe she's not a witch after all! But what of our village?
Constable Henry Framer says: Quiet! I will be the one passing judgment here!
Constable Henry Framer says: I remain unconvinced. This still doesn't explain the happenings at Fletcher's Hollow.
Lucille Waycrest says: What?! After all I just went through!
Constable Henry Framer says: Tests or no, you will only be absolved once we uncover the truth of what happened to our village!
Lucille Waycrest says: Ugh... I'm sorry, mainlander, but I may have to ask another favor.

This completes "The Burden of Proof" chapter of Alliance [Drust Do It.] The Drustvar storyline continues with A [110 - 120] The Curse of Fletcher's Hollow.


  1. A [110 - 120] The Waycrest Daughter
  2. A [110 - 120] Standing Accused
  3. A [110 - 120] The Woods Have Eyes & A [110 - 120] In Case of Ambush
  4. A [110 - 120] Trial by Superstition
  5. A [110 - 120] A Pungent Solution & A [110 - 120] Once Bitten, Twice Shy & A [110 - 120] Harmful If Swallowed
  6. A [110 - 120] The Burden of Proof

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