The Butcher of Taurajo

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HordeThe Butcher of Taurajo

34 (Requires 32)





Speak with Karthog, then lure out and assassinate General Hawthorne.


This operative had orders to secure the roadways between the Alliance command and Fort Triumph. General Hawthorne is on the move.

<Bloodhilt crumples the documents in his fist.>

It's HIM, <name>! Hawthorne - I spit the name - he is the one who ordered the assault on Taurajo! Now we know when and where to strike him down. Quickly, follow the road north of the Battlescar and meet up with my assassin Karthog. CRUSH Hawthorne and string his body up along the road!


<Upon hearing the news, Bloodhilt snorts. His eyes gleam. He tips his head back and bellows a wet, cackling laugher that echoes between the blackened walls of Desolation hold and reverberates throughout the hills beyond.>

So it is done! The Butcher of Taurajo is felled at last. Cut down in the streets like a dog. Fitting.

You have done well, <name>. You've sowed fear into our enemies, and soon we will reap the harvest!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv shoulder 136.png [Battlescar Monnion] Inv misc cape 20.png [Cloak of Harvested Fear]
Inv sword 10.png [Taurajo Butcher's Blade] Inv shoulder 136.png [Battlescar Amice]

You will also receive: 70s


Interacting with Karthog
Karthog whispers: Psssstt - <name>! Over here! By the tree.

Slow down, friend. You say the General is coming?

Now THERE'S a trophy for my wall! I'll distract the bodyguards, but it will be up to you to kill General Hawthorne himself. Are you ready to strike? I am ready, Karthog. For the Horde!

Karthog says: Blood and thunder!
Karthog says: They come! Everyone, get ready...
Karthog yells: He's ours! The Butcher of Taurajo is dead!
Karthog says: We'll string his body from the trees and leave him swinging in the wind for the Alliance to discover. Go back and tell Warlord Bloodhilt the news!

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