The Challenger's Ring: Hawkmaster Nurong

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NeutralThe Challenger's Ring: Hawkmaster Nurong

90 (Requires 90)




+350 Shado-Pan



Challenge Hawkmaster Nurong, and then defeat him in combat at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.

  • Challenge Hawkmaster Nurong
  • Defeat Hawkmaster Nurong


You've really been building up respect with the Shado-Pan, <name>.

Nurong's interested in trying out his skills against you.

The good news is, if you win, I'll allow him to go with you on your missions.

The bad news is, I really don't think you'll win.

(Hawkmaster Nurong: A deadly Wu Kao who always travels with his beloved hawk, Whitefeather.")


You will receive: 5x [Valor Points] and 24g 72s


Not up to the challenge? I understand.


Well, well, well. Looks like I was wrong.

Good work. Nurong's looking forward to accompanying you on your missions.



Nurong should be close by Ling. Speak with him:

We shall hunt our foes.
Gossip Shall we meet in the Challenger's Ring?
Hawkmaster Nurong says: It's been quite some time since someone was brave enough to challenge me.
Hawkmaster Nurong says: I'll see you in the ring.

Speak with him again at the ring:

So, are you ready to start? Let's see what you've got.
Gossip Let's go!

Hawkmaster Nurong is a level 90 pandaren with 787,000 health and the following abilities:

  • [Hunter's Mark] 100 yd range Instant
  • [Steady Shot] 5-35 yd range — A steady shot that causes weapon damage plus 2. 1.5 sec cast. Hits for 9,000-10,000 on cloth.
  • [Snake Trap] — Places a trap that will release several venemous snakes to attack the first enemy to approach. The snakes will die after 5 sec. Trap will exist for 1 min. Instant.
  • Frost Trap — Place a frost trap that creates an ice slick around itself for 30 sec when the first enemy approaches it. All enemies within 10 yards will be slowed by 50% while in the area of effect. Trap will exist for 30 sec. Only one trap can be active at a time.
  • [Explosive Trap] — Place a fire trap that explodes when an enemy appraoches, causing Fire damage and burning all enemies for additional fire damage over 10 sec to all within 10 yards. Trap will exist for 30 sec.

The fight itself is straightforward.

Hawkmaster Nurong says: Don't hold back.
Hawkmaster Nurong yells: You give a good fight! Don't stop now.
Hawkmaster Nurong yells: Whitefeather, no!
Hawkmaster Nurong says: You... have... bested me...
Hawkmaster Nurong says: My compliments, friend. I can't remember the last time someone bested me so handily.
Hawkmaster Nurong says: You are impressive indeed. It would be my honor to fight beside you.


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