The Challenger's Ring: Lao-Chin the Iron Belly

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NeutralThe Challenger's Ring: Lao-Chin the Iron Belly

90 (Requires 90)




+350 Shado-Pan


[Valor Points]
19g 84s 50c


Challenge Lao-Chin the Iron Belly and then defeat him in combat at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.

  • Challenge Lao-Chin the Iron Belly
  • Defeat Lao-Chin the Iron Belly


Lao-Chin seems to have his head in the clouds... or, rather, in his beer.

After all of his recent battles, he seems completely obsessed with with trying to develop the perfect brew for fighting.

That's well and good, but we need him to actually do some fighting!

You should go challenge him, see if you can snap him out of his rut.

If you beat him, he'll probably want to go out and help fight just to try to one-up you!


You will receive: 5x [Valor Points] and 19g 84s 50c




Wow, you must have impressed Lao-Chin. He can't stop talking about how excited he is to go out and fight with you. Good work.



Speak with Lao-Chin:

Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: A challenge, huh? Let's see what you've got.
Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: Oh, yeah. I remember you. Let's see what you've learned.
He runs to the challenger's ring.

Follow him and speak with him again:

Well? Let's go! I'm eager to see what you've got.
Gossip All right, let's do this!
Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: I hope your moves aren't too predictable.

Lao-Chin is a level 90 brewmaster with 393,000 health and the following abilities:

  • Keg Smash
  • Guard
  • Healing Spheres — Forms several haeling pheres around the caster. Anyone who walks through the spheres will consume them, healing themselves for 14,000 to 16,000 Nature. Each sphere remaining after 10 sec will heal the caster for 14,000 to 16,000 Nature. Instant. The spheres are red.
  • Leg Sweep

In-combat taunts:

Lao-Chin the Iron Belly yells: Oh, you're gonna try that move? Come on!
  • Lao-Chin the Iron Belly yells: What's wrong, did you forget how to fight?
  • Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: Okay... that was pretty good.

Finish him off:

Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: Wow! I haven't seen that one before. I guess you're pretty good after all.
Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: Sure, I'll go with you. Gotta study up on your moves!
Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: Whenever you need me, I'll be here.


Patches and hotfixes

  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2012-10-01): "Players must now properly earn the right to Lao-Chin the Iron Belly's company by completing "The Challenger's Ring: Lao-Chin the Iron Belly"."
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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