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The Challenger's Ring: Yalia Sagewhisper

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NeutralThe Challenger's Ring: Yalia Sagewhisper

90 (Requires 90)




+350 Shado-Pan


5x [Valor Points]
19g 84s 50c


Challenge Yalia Sagewhisper and defeat her in the Challenger's Ring.

  • Challenge Yalia Sagewhisper
  • Defeat Yalia Sagewhisper [50.3, 67.8]


The Shado-Pan brothers and sisters continue to whisper of your deeds, <name>.

In fact, Yalia herself has taken quite an interest in your studies.

She wishes to challenge you in the training ring.

You would do well to impress her. If you do, she just may be willing to help you in the future.


You will receive: 5x [Valor Points] and 19g 84s 50c


Did you speak to Yalia?


You have done it! You bested Yalia!

You have most definitely earned her favor, <race>.



Yalia is behind Ban's tent just to the north near Snow Blossom and Fei Li. Speak with her:

Our greatest enemies are ourselves.
Gossip Shall we meet in the Challenger's Ring?
Yalia Sagewhisper says: I have waited a long time for this day. Let us face one another in the Challenger's Ring.

Follow her there and speak with her again:

With peaceful hearts, we feel no anger, no hatred, no doubt, and no fear.
Gossip I challenge you!
Yalia Sagewhisper says: Are you ready?
Yalia Sagewhisper says: Let us both do our best.

Yalia is a level 90 pandaren with 1,100,000 health and the following abilities:

  • Power Word: Fortitude — Increases an ally's Stamina for 30 min. Instant. Self-buff. Stealable/purgeable, but instantly recast.
  • Shadow Word: Pain 30 yd range — Utters a word of darkness, inflicting Shadow damage to an enemy every 3 sec. for 15 sec. Instant. Ticks for 5,079 Shadow.
  • Holy Smite 40 yd range — Smites an enemy, inflicting Holy damage. 2.4 sec cast. Hits for 29,000-31,000 Holy.
  • Psychic Scream — Lets out a psychic scream, causing up to 5 nearby enemies to flee for 4 sec. Instant.
  • Mind Flay 20 yd range — Inflicts Shadow damage to an enemy and reduces its movement speed for 3 sec. Channeled. Ticks for 12,500 Shadow.
  • Greater Heal — Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally. 3.5 sec cast. Heals Yalia for 303,604 Holy.
  • Power Word: Shield — Draws on the soul of the party member to shield them, absorbing 67,500 to 82,500 damage. Lasts 30 sec. While the shield holds, spellcasting will not be interrupted by damage. Once shielded, the target cannot be shielded again for 15 sec.
  • Holy Fire 30 yd range — Consumes an enemy in flames, burning it and inflicting additional Fire damage every 2 sec over 8 sec. 5 sec cast. Hits for 58,000 Fire, ticks for 1247-2078 Fire.

Defeat her:

Yalia Sagewhisper says: You fought excellently, just as I knew you could.
Yalia Sagewhisper says: You have grown much since first time we met.
Yalia Sagewhisper says: It would be my honor to join you in battle. Speak to me on the hill if you have need of me.


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