The Crumbled Chamberlain

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NeutralThe Crumbled Chamberlain
The Head of the Chamberlain

90 (Requires 90)








This quest starts being offered once Stage 3 of the Isle of Thunder storyline has begun. The Head of the Chamberlain spawns in various locations all over the southern half of the island -- the Court of Bones, Ihgaluk Crag, and Za'Tual, as well as the lower portion of Lei Shen's Citadel: the Beast Pens and Conqueror's Terrace. As the latter two areas are gated until Stage 3, this quest will not be offered until after players have completed B [90] Tear Down This Wall!


Recover the Shoulder, Head, Staff, Hair and Torso of the Chamberlain.


You there! Assist me.

In life I was the Royal Chamberlain for his majesty, the Thunder King. For my dedication, I was condemned to this stone form, forever forced to watch over a portion of his wealth.

Someone has desecrated my glorious body and sent pieces of it across the island. The thought of spending an eternity without my body depresses me.

Search the island, recover these pieces and I shall grant you one of his majesty's treasures.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c and  [Shan'ze Ritual Stone]


I require ALL of my pieces. If so much a pebble is missing, I shall consider forfeiting our agreement.


Ah! To feel whole again! You have my gratitude, servant. Take this stone and use it wisely. Should you encounter his majesty the Thunder King in your travels, do not tell him where you received the key, or you will be standing in a statue next to me for the remainder of eternity.


  • 236000 XP


This is a weekly quest, offered by a  [Head of the Chamberlain] object that spawns in various locations around the island.

Isle of Thunder map
Shoulder @ 47.5,75.1
Shoulder @ 45.5,79.2
Shoulder @ 47.9,83.0
Shoulder @ 50.9,85.4
Shoulder @ 44.4,86.1
Staff on cliff @ 36.9,75.5
Staff @ 34.0,71.9
Staff on top of tent (jump from Hall of Grand Imperion) @ 33.6,67.0
Staff on tower (jump from Arcweaver area) @ 41.4,67.6
Torso on roof of Hall of the Grand Imperion @ 36.4,65.4
Torso @ 34.0,49.8
Torso @ 37.9,53.8
Torso @ 36.8,60.0
Torso at base of Hall of the Grand Imperion @ 34.8,66.3
Hair on top of Arcanital Ra'kul's tent @ 56.5,45.8
Hair in Loa-Infused Bloodhorn's tent @ 52.5,37.2
Hair on top of broken wall @ 53.2,43.0
Head in Court of Bones @ 35.0,47.5
Head in Court of Bones @ 35.3,56.9
Head in Court of Bones @ 35.4,49.4
Head in Court of Bones @ 38.8,59.3
Head in Court of Bones @ 39.1,56.0
Head in Diremoor @ 51.0,48.3
Head in Diremoor @ 53.9,57.6
Head in Diremoor @ 51.9,58.6
Head in Ihgulak Crag @ 49.1,76.1
Head in Ihgulak Crag @ 50.7,74.4
Head in Ihgulak Crag @ 50.2,85.9
Head in Trolltonshire @ 34.8,74.8
Head in southern Ihgulak Crag cave @ 51.6,84.8
Base @ 34.6,64.8

The objects are also strewn about in a handful of locations. The  [Shoulder of the Chamberlain] will be somewhere in Ihgaluk Crag, accessible only by jumping with the Skin of the Saurok buff. The  [Staff of the Chamberlain] is at an out-of-the-way area in Za'Tual. The  [Hair of the Chamberlain] is on top of a building in the Beast Pens or the Conqueror's Terrace. The  [Torso of the Chamberlain] is either on top of a building or in an out-of-the-way spot in the Court of Bones.

If the adventurer somehow manages to complete this quest within 10 minutes of picking it up, the achievement [The Crumble Bundle] will be awarded.

While the adventurer is killing mobs, the head will chime in on occasion:

  • Ah! Now that was a proper smiting. There is hope for you yet.
  • Enough dilly dallying, supplicant! I demand you assemble my body.
  • I have seen saurok with more fighting panache than what you just displayed.
  • I survived for hundreds of years during the Thunder King's reign. Do you know how? By not keeping my masters waiting!
  • Oh sure. You have time to kill hapless island folk but no time to assemble my glorious body?
  • Was that thing you just killed carrying part of my body? No? Well then I demand ten percent of the loot.
  • What a pitiful creature. And the thing you just killed.
  • You call that slaying an opponent? I expected more... fire. Or maybe some lightning.

Patches and hotfixes

  • Hotfix (2013-03-21): "Statue pieces now do not despawn when looted, allowing other players to loot the statue piece as well."
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2.0 (2013-03-05): Added.


  1. N [90] Secrets in the Isle of Thunder
  2. N [90G5] Setting the Trap
  3. B [90WG] Champions of the Thunder King

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